Bengals QB Andy Dalton Meets Fan Who Can Hold a Six Pack of Beer in His Beard

By Dan Parzych
Andy Dalton
(AJC Sports Editor Twitter)

Over the last two seasons, the Cincinnati Bengals were one of the biggest surprises in the league as they’ve managed to reach the playoffs in each of the last two seasons–mainly because of a stellar defense and the surprise emergence of quarterback Andy Dalton. With the way things are looking in the division, it’s safe to say the Bengals may be the team to beat in the AFC North and fans have every reason in the world to be excited about what’s in store for their team during the 2013 season.

With training camp under way, it’s always entertaining to see the different types of fans in attendance, but it’s difficult to imagine any fan topping what the Bengals fan who was lucky enough to meet Dalton this year did in the photo above.

Yes, that’s exactly what you think it is–a Bengals fan has a beard long enough that is capable of holding an entire six pack of beer.  It’s one thing as a male to be lucky enough to grow enough facial hair (this writer struggles to grow a full beard), but this fan manages to not only grow a beard that is long enough, but strong enough to hold all six cans.

It’s always interesting to see individuals from different fan bases across the country, but this has to be one of the coolest fans in all of sports and maybe if he continues to grow it out–his beard next year will be long and strong enough to hold a 12 pack of beer instead of six.

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