Dallas Cowboys Safety Barry Church Forced to Miss Practice After Suffering Injury From Jolly Rancher

By Dan Parzych
Barry Church
(Geoff Burke/USA Today Sports)

Unfortunately when it comes to professional sports, there are certain cases from time to time when athletes suffer some sort of bizarre injury. One of the latest victims of suffering a bizarre injury–Barry Church of the Dallas Cowboys.

Church missed practice on Monday and while it’s easy to assume the type of injury came from drills on the football field, the safety’s injury actually came from a jolly rancher. No, that is not a typo as Church missed practice on Monday in order to undergo a root canal after a cherry flavored Jolly Rancher chipped his tooth a couple of weeks before.

As funny as this type of injury is considering nobody would expect a player to miss practice from a jolly rancher in a million years, the Cowboys should consider themselves lucky that Church didn’t suffer a more serious injury. Luckily, everything turned out just fine and this is one of those situations Church and his teammates can just laugh about.

On another note to all of the professional athletes  note to all professional athletes out there–protect your teeth and be careful with the type of candy you eat. As Church showed us this week, you never know what type of damage can be caused just from eating candy–even something as small as a jolly rancher.

There’s been plenty of injuries during training camp so far, but this one by Church that forced him to miss practice is by far the most crazy one and it will be difficult for any other football player to top it.

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