Marcus Vick, Brother of Eagles QB Michael Vick, Posts $1,000 Bounty For Riley Cooper on Twitter

By Dan Parzych
Riley Cooper
(Howard Smith/USA Today Sports)

The preseason isn’t even here yet and fans of the Philadelphia Eagles can already feel the frustration over what could turn out to be an interesting 2013 season. First came the torn ACL to Jeremy Maclin last weekend and on Wednesday, Riley Cooper was fined by the organization after a video of him using a racial slur at a concert went viral.

To top things off, the Eagles now have to deal with the brother of one of their quarterbacks–Michael Vick.

Shortly after the video of Cooper was released, Marcus Vick posted a message on his Twitter account about placing a $1,000 bounty on the first safety to take Cooper out. For those of you familiar with Marcus, this isn’t the first time he’s made headlines for running his mouth and while he has every right in the world to be furious over Cooper’s comments–this was the last thing Philadelphia needs to deal with at this point of training camp.


There’s no question this was an idiotic move by Cooper and he’ll most likely be the most hated player on the field throughout the 2013 season, but there was no reason for Marcus to chime in like this on the matter. When considering his older brother is doing everything in his power to win the starting job in Philadelphia, the last thing Marcus wants to see happen is the organization look at him as a distraction.

Stop looking for attention Marcus and be sure to keep these thoughts to yourself next time–no matter how frustrated you may be.

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