(VIDEO) Philadelphia Eagles' Riley Cooper Uses Racial Slur at Kenny Chesney Concert

By Jack Jorgensen
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin recently went down to a season-ending knee injury, all eyes immediately turned to Riley Cooper to fill the void that was left. The over-the-middle threat has already been a proven commodity in his short time in Philly, and now his role is about to become much larger. This is also good for the former Florida Gator because Chip Kelly‘s read-option oriented offense is tailored to emphasize someone like Cooper in the passing game.

Everybody wins, right?

Well, yeah everybody wins as long as there’s no more negative attention drawn toward the Eagles.

Oh, Cooper didn’t get that memo?

No, he apparently didn’t. While the Eagles expect Cooper to not act like a pure bonehead on the field, he couldn’t resist acting like one off of it recently while he attended a Kenny Chesney concert.

The following video was taken while Cooper was attending the concert recently and unfortunately found himself amid a confrontation. Unfortunately though, Cooper’s choice of words while being taped were not the smartest, to say the least.

Okay, that was actually a really dumb move.

We expect our athletes to act a certain way in public, and I’m sure the Eagles do as well. This was in no way acting in the appropriate manner. In today’s world of virtually everyone having a cell phone camera, you need to watch what you say in public no matter how heated a situation gets.

Cooper inexplicably failed to do that, and thus the Eagles now have this unfortunate incident to deal with just as the season is about to start.


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