Wife of Chicago Cubs Outfielder David DeJesus, Kim DeJesus, Handled the Trade Deadline By Drinking Lots of Wine

By Dan Parzych
Kim DeJesus
(Kim DeJesus Instagram)

When it comes to the MLB trade deadline, it can be an intense period for any player considering all bets are off as teams won’t hold back on trades to make their team better–no matter how important they may be to the organization. As for David DeJesus of the Chicago Cubs, there was plenty of talk leading up to Wednesday about how he could be dealt by the end of Wednesday and while he had every right in the world to be nervous–it appears his wife Kim DeJesus was just as nervous about her husband being traded to a new team.

Throughout the day on Wednesday, Kim was uploading photos and videos to her Instagram and Vine pages of herself drinking with a few of her friends while throwing out a few jokes about how much time was left in the trade deadline. Obviously, Kim had every right in the world to be nervous considering she didn’t know what to expect from the Cubs and a possible trade involving her husband on Wednesday.

Lucky for her–it looks like David is sticking around after all despite all of the rumors swirling from the last couple of days.

As funny as these photos and videos were, the funniest thing about the day may have been how Travis Wood bought the group of wives four bottles of wine to help them “get through the day” on Wednesday.


Apparently, Wednesday is the new Sunday Fun Day–and there is no age limit when it comes to going all out to celebrate.

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