Barry Bonds Signed Baseball Card With 'Say No to Drugs'

By Andrew Fisher
Barry Bonds
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve all done things in the past that turned out to be ironic in the future, right? I’m sure Barry Bonds has had that happen on a few occasions, but this old baseball card that’s resurfaced is just classic:

Barry Bonds
via @SportsCardNews

Say no to drugs kids! Not those drugs…those OTHER drugs…

I love this card, but even more impressive than the saying on the front, is Bonds’ mustache. That thing is absolutely glorious. This card is obviously from the 80’s. The Pirates’ uniforms and hats are spot on with the times. Bonds of course played in Pittsburgh from 1986-1992, before moving west to transform his career in San Francisco.

It’s always the first part of Bonds’ career that people talk about when they make the argument, ‘he was a hall of fame player before he got into steroids.’ While that might be true, it still doesn’t change the fact that PEDs drastically improve results on the field. They make average players good, and good players great.

Something definitely has to be done about the baseball record book. It’s currently a mess with numerous rumored PED users like Bonds sitting atop the list of important statistical categories. Baseball is going to have to address this issue at some point, but they haven’t done one thing to date.

Maybe the Biogenesis scandal will finally be enough to push MLB into making some type of ruling, but I highly doubt it. Even if they don’t decide to change anything, I feel they at least owe the fans some type of explanation.

*Bonds hasn’t commented on the card, so it’s possible the inscription is fake. Either way, it’s still hilarious…


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