Seriously, Who Cares About Johnny Manziel?

By Steven Carollo
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Why is Johnny Manziel constantly on my television when I turn on channels such as ESPN?

Is he really that important that every move he makes needs to be documented an analyzed to no end?

If he wants to ruin his life, then just let him. He has to make his own decisions. If this was a regular average Joe college student and he or she was in trouble, would anyone care?

Of course not, but that is the beauty about sports. If you throw a touchdown, hit a home run, make a basket or score a goal, you are automatically an icon that needs 24/7 coverage and saving if that person is ever in trouble. Plus he has a really cool nickname in Johnny Football and was seen wearing a Tim Tebow jersey, so that puts him over the top and gives him celebrity status — if you ask ESPN.

I mean who cares if Miguel Cabrera is going for his second Triple Crown — Johnny Football just drank a beer and he is wearing a Tebow jersey, which soils Tim’s good name! What is Johnny thinking because right now, he is not only losing focusing on the field, but he is now a blasphemer too!

Please.  Spare us.

So what if he was at a frat party? So what if he hangs out with rappers and flashes money at casinos? He is not a saint by any means. He is a college student, and a lot of them make pretty dumb decisions at times, especially ones who just started college not too long ago.

I mean, ESPN and other sports media outlets are already talking about him like he is the greatest quarterback since the position was created, and that he is a shoo-in for the Hall-of-Fame if he stops partying and getting in trouble.

Are you kidding me?

He has played one season in college football. Do you know how many great college football stars and Heisman Trophy winners do little to nothing in the NFL?

So please. Stop this nonsense and let Manziel make his own decisions, whether they’re good or bad in your eyes.

I laugh when I hear on ESPN that Johnny Football has to realize that he is Johnny Football and improve his life and focus on the field. You ever think he is doing all of this so-called “controversial” partying is because stations like ESPN are feeding his ego with all of this Johnny Football nonsense? Way to make a young kid bigger than the game itself.

Let Manziel live his life and sink or swim on his own.

I mean, what’s next?  ESPN will reach out to Dr. Phil and get Manziel on his show and have a one-week special?

Enough already. Get his soap opera off my TV.

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