Top 10 Current Same-Sport Sibling Athlete Duos

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Top 10 Current Sibling Athlete Duos

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Sibling athlete duos have been present throughout sports history. Every sport has seen some type of sibling duo, or even trio, that has excelled. Today, there are many siblings who play the same sport at the pro level, but I'm here to bring you just the top 10 current sibling athlete duos in the sporting world.

Possibly the best duo of all-time could be still playing today, but one of the best was Reggie and Cheryl Miller -- two of the best basketball players of all time in the NBA and WNBA respectively. Cheryl was the older sister and Reggie was the one who seemingly took after her, and both were incredibly talented.

If we want to look at sibling duos who played different sports, Jackie Robinson and his brother Mack may top that list. We all know the significance of Jackie Robinson in MLB history, but his accolades have overshadowed the impressive feats accomplished by his brother. Mack was an Olympic silver medalist in the 200 meter dash and was one of the best sprinters of his time.

Little is talked about Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko from Ukraine. The two famous international boxers have been two of the most dominant in the entire sport's history. Some may argue that the competition they faced hasn't been very tough, but their combined record is 105-5 with 93 KOs. Pretty impressive stuff from these aging boxers.

All former athletes aside, I am going to take a look at the top 10 current sibling athlete duos in sports today. Take a look at the list and tell me what you think. You may be surprised at who No. 1 is.

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10. The Molinas

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Okay, so we have Bengie, Jose and Yadier Molina. These brothers have been in the league for what seems like forever and the game of 'name that Molina' never gets old. All three are World Series champions and both Bengie and Yadier are Gold Glove award winners. Oh, and did I mention that they all made it to the big leagues as catchers? Pretty rare.

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9. Stephen and Seth Curry

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Stephen Curry was one of those guys that no one thought would excel in the NBA like he did in college, but did he ever prove doubters wrong. As one of the best point guards in basketball, it's hard to think he has a talented brother as well. However, his brother played college ball at a bigger school in Duke, yet Seth Curry wasn't drafted in this year's NBA Draft. He was still very successful at Duke and could find his way onto an professional team soon. Oh, and did I mention their father Dell was popular NBA player too?.

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8. Champ and Boss Bailey

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Boss Bailey's career in the NFL was short-lived, but he was a pretty solid linebacker when he was in the league. Becoming teammates with his brother Champ at one point had to be a dream come true. Even though Boss is no longer in the league, Champ still remains one of the top cornerbacks in today's game and one of the best of all-time.

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7. Jeff and Jered Weaver

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Jeff Weaver was in MLB from 1999-2010 and finished with 104 career wins. Having an even more successful younger brother in Jered Weaver seemed to be unthinkable. Jered, 30, already has 107 wins and a career ERA 1.50 runs lower than his brother's. These two have combined for 211 career wins, and it's not too far-fetched to say that Weaver will finish his career with 200-plus wins.

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6. Brook and Robin Lopez

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Brook Lopez and Robin Lopez have been teammates their whole life and throughout college at Stanford. However, they split ways after being drafted in the 2008 NBA Draft and Brook got his career off to a hot start, quickly becoming one of the best centers in the NBA. Robin didn't have the same luck, not finding his groove in the league until 2012-13 with the New Orleans Hornets, averaging 11.3 points and 5.6 rebounds.

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5. B.J. and Justin Upton

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B.J. Upton hasn't had a really good overall season since 2007, but is looking to revive his career with his new team, the Atlanta Braves. Despite a slump this season after a strong start, Justin is one of the league's up-and-coming stars and is looking to form a deadly outfield combo with his brother.

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4. Henrik and Daniel Sedin

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Henrik and Daniel Sedin are arguably the best twin duo in the NHL today -- okay, maybe there's no argument there. The two are NHL All-Stars and two of the best players in the game today, combining for 473 goals and 1,550 points in 13 years.

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3. Marc and Pau Gasol

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Pau Gasol and his younger brother Marc are two of the best big men in the league. Marc is quickly becoming one of the best centers in the league and his brother Pau is one of the best power forwards. It's hard to find two scoring and rebounding big men that also happen to be brothers.

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2. Peyton and Eli Manning

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Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks of all time, while his younger brother Eli is a two-time Super Bowl champion. These two have combined for over 90,000 yards and nearly 650 touchdowns prior to the 2013 season. There's no doubt at least one of these guys will make it to the Hall of Fame.

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1. Venus and Serena Williams

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Arguably the best sibling athlete duos of all-time, Venus and Serena Williams have taken over the game of tennis and no two women athletes have been more popular than these sisters. While Serena may have more Grand Slam titles with 16 than Venus' 7 since bursting onto the scene in 1997, they continue to be the most successful tennis duo in history.