15 Professional Athletes Who Need Their Own TV Show

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15 Pro Athletes Who Should Have Their Own TV Show

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We've all seen athletes who had their own television shows over the years. Some have been successful and others have been just plain bland. Some athletes were mostly unknown before their TV shows such as Rob Dyrdek, who went from a professional skater to an MTV star.

Athletes have been notorious for wanting attention and while some deserve it, most don't. Could you imagine what it would have been like to see Aaron Hernandez with his own show? Maybe then we would have known the truth behind what happened between him and Odin Lloyd. What about Brett Favre? I feel like his life would be pretty interesting. Ranging from text messaging scandals to Wrangler commercials, Favre has done it all.

Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson had their own show when they both played for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010. Both seemed to be the best of friends, and why not? They were two of the most outspoken guys in the NFL and played the same position. However, that show fizzled out just as quickly as their time as teammates and best friends.

Some athletes have been in movies, which can be a good indicator of how successful they'd be with their own TV show. However, that is not the case with Kevin Durant. The Durantula had his own kids movie Thunderstruck, but his acting was just not up to par and his personality seems to be too laid back for television.

What about Kris Humphries? He was a bit of a lesser-known NBA big man before dating Kim Kardashian and being the center of attention in her reality show. They ended up having a pretty short relationship, but the big man seems to be more popular because of his appearance on the show.

Ever wonder who would be good on TV? Check out this list of 15 professional athletes who deserve their own reality show.

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Robert Griffin III

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Okay, so maybe Robert Griffin III has not been the biggest role model lately, but who wouldn't want to follow a guy who seemingly has it all?

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LeBron James

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Besides having a 24/7 DJ in his room when he went overseas, LeBron James has to be one of the most intriguing athletes in sports today. It would be pretty cool to see what kind of lavish lifestyle the superstar lives.

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Peyton Manning

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Peyton Manning has to be one of the funniest athletes out there, so you'd have to imagine his reality show would be filled with jokes and famous family members.

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Dwight Howard

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Following the life of a drama queen is basically what every reality show is nowadays, but how about a drama king? That's what the Dwight Howard show is for.

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Randy Moss

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There would surely be loads of catch phrases to be had if a Randy Moss show were to come about. However, he was far more outspoken in years past.

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Metta World Peace

world peace
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The very confrontational man with the name Metta World Peace would likely have a show with high ratings. People would tune in just to see what kind of trouble he would get into.

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Brian Cushing

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Brian Cushing was mic'd up by the NFL Network a few years back and was one of the craziest players to ever be mic'd up. He seemed to love talking and basically acting without thinking -- two perfect qualities for reality stars.

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Tim Lincecum

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Tim Lincecum is a very goofy personality and his teammates know that first hand. If you've ever seen the video of Lincecum feverishly shoveling sunflower seeds into his mouth, you can just tell that he's the perfect person for TV. Who wouldn't like to follow a crazy person around?

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Tim Tebow

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While he may be too religious for anyone's good, Tim Tebow would still be an interesting reality star. Although ESPN basically stalks his life on the football field, we could actually see what he's like off of it.

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Brian Wilson

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Very few words can describe this guy, but the California sun might have gotten into Brian Wilson's brain, making him quirkier than anyone in MLB. If you've never seen this guy in action, you need to.

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Rob Gronkowski

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Following Rob Gronkowski around would be like an episode of 'True Life: I'm An Overgrown Frat Boy'. However, he's a party animal and could end up doing something stupid and landing in jail -- now that's good TV.

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Derek Jeter

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Everyone would love watching one of the most loved sports figures today. Although Derek Jeter plays for one of the most hated teams in baseball, he's still an icon and a role model to many young people. You've got to think he has a pretty awesome life going on inside those mansion doors.

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Colin Kaepernick

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Just how much has Colin Kaepernick been in the media since taking over the starting QB role for the San Francisco 49ers? Enough to basically earn himself his own segment on Sportscenter. This guy seems to be cocky, yet cool and perfect for the spotlight.

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Ryan Braun

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All I can say for Ryan Braun being on this list is that he now has far too much free time on his hands to not let people into his world. He won't be doing anything for a while, having been suspended from MLB until the next season.

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Kobe Bryant

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The Black Mamba, or Kobe Bryant, is arguably one of the best NBA players of all-time. He seems to keep his personal life wrapped up ever since he was accused of having an affair. How cool would it be to see Kobe doing Kobe things off the court?