Mark Cuban Releases Hilarious Video That Attempted to Attract Dwight Howard

By Connor Muldowney
Mark Cuban
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Right about now, I’m sure we are all content with the fact that Dwight Howard‘s circus is no longer in the news, but Mark Cuban wanted to change all of that. The Dallas Mavericks‘ owner has released the video that he and the Mavs’ front office used to try and attract Howard to Dallas.

The video may be a bit cheesy and probably didn’t do much attracting of Howard, but it’s pretty funny. As we all know, Howard is the self-proclaimed “Superman” as evidenced by his cape-wearing dunk contest victory in 2008.

Check out the Superman-themed video depicting Howard as the hero:

While the big man chose the Houston Rockets as his new home over the Mavs and Los Angeles Lakers, among other, he’s still got to feel pretty good about all of the attention and respect he got from those teams and their respective front offices.

Not many NBA players would have gotten a Superman-themed video in their honor, even before he made his decision of where he would play.

Free agency is much different today than it has been in the past. You would never see an owner go to such great lengths to try and get a single player to come to town; it’s almost as if you’re favoring that one player over your current players even before he signs or suits up.

Either way, Cuban went to extreme lengths to try and get the Dwightmare to come to Dallas, but in the end, he chose another team to become the hero of in the same state. Too bad for Dwight, that could have been his intro video. Oh, and he could have had world domination.

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