Oh Johnny Manziel, When Will You Ever Learn? Texas A&M QB In His Worst Situation Yet

By Steven Carollo
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Oh Johnny boy, you just love the attention don’t you?

Between Johnny Manziel and Alex Rodriguez, the circus in the sports world will never go away. After all of the things about Manziel that have already come out and gotten him in trouble, it turns out that there was indeed more to the Johnny Football controversy. Supposedly Manziel has now gotten in trouble for violating NCAA rules for making money off his autographs.

Now I’m not going to ramble on about the debate on whether college athletes should make money off of their own accomplishments because that is not what this is about.

This is about the stupidity of one college student, a Heisman Trophy winner at that, in which there is not one day that passes by where Manziel isn’t thrust into the limelight in a bad situation. This is just another one of those, and possibly the worst he has been in yet. This is probably the only one of his brain farts that can effect him on the football field as this could lead to a suspension if he is indeed guilty.

Whatever career he was going to have in the NFL is getting flushed down the toilet while he is just continuing to party it up probably as you are reading this.

Since Manziel is considered to be a “celebrity” in the sports world, he needs to know better and do better for his sake, and I guess for the sake of others who obsess over him.

So please Johnny Manziel. Please do not even leave your house anymore for the sake of the greater good.

Plus, even though ESPN loves you, all of this is probably cutting into their LeBron James and Tim Tebow worship, and I’m sure many are really up in arms over that too.

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