'Fountain Lady' Arrested at Kansas City Royals' Kauffman Stadium

By Andrew Fisher
Fountain Mom
Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Kauffman Stadium is known for its fountains. They’re one of the unique features of the Kansas City Royals‘ home, but they haven’t gained any recognition outside of the baseball world until now. Monday night during the Royals’ game against the Minnesota Twins, a woman now known as ‘Fountain Lady’ decided to jump right in (perhaps after having a few too many blue drinks).

Several fans caught her on video during the incident:

Fountain Lady was of course arrested and has reportedly been charged with trespassing, resisting arrest and soliciting an officer. We can all read between the lines on that last charge. However, nothing is surprising when you’re talking about a drunk woman who jumped into a fountain at a baseball game.

The KC policy also tweeted out her mug shot to pour a little salt in her wounds:



The Royals released a statement urging other fans not to replicate the now infamous woman’s behavior:

“It might look funny on websites, but it’s a dangerous thing to do. Not only gets you out of the ball park really fast, it’s something we want to encourage fans not to consider because somebody could get seriously hurt if they go into the fountain.”

The 25-year old woman is now out of jail and it’s uncertain if she’ll end up facing all charges or if she’ll be able to plead down. Either way, I’m guessing her days of being allowed into Kauffman Stadium, are over.


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