'Sandlot' Star Who Played Smalls, Tom Guiry, Arrested After Headbutting Officer in Houston Airport

By Dan Parzych

When it comes to classic sports movies, it’s safe to say The Sandlot is one of the greatest of all time as it was one of the best kid’s movies to watch during the 90’s. While it was difficult to pick just one character considering how funny all of them were, it’s safe to say the actor who played Smalls (Tom Guiry) was always a fan favorite–mainly because of the classic “You’re killing me Smalls!” line that everybody loves to repeat.

While Guiry has been under the radar for the most part over the years other than a few roles in movies like Mystic River and Blackhawk Down, he’s making headlines again this week after he was arrested in an act that could have easily been avoided.

Guiry was recently arrested in Houston after he reportedly headbutted an officer. Obviously, alcohol played a factor in this incident, but it’s still no excuse for this to happen and the fact that this happened to a 31-year-old man is even more embarrassing for Guiry.

Guiry may not be as popular as he was during his Sandlot days, but he’ll always have a place in the heart of movie fans for starring in a movie that will always be considered a classic and never get old. As mentioned before, Guiry’s been under the radar for the most part since his Sandlot days, but it’s a shame to see him making headlines for all the wrong reasons after this incident.

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