New York Jets: Mark Sanchez Receives More Hateful Comments, Responds Admirably

By Josh Sippie
The Star-Ledger – USA TODAY Sports

Mark Sanchez has been on the butt-end (no pun intended) of some hateful tweets and criticism in the past couple of months. It’s no secret that Sanchez has struggled in his NFL career, and his skills as a quarterback may be severely limited. But that doesn’t mean he’s bad at everything.

Every professional athlete is going to face criticism, no matter who they play for or how good they are. But Sanchez was facing more than just criticism in his most recent Twitter bout.

Most athletes just won’t respond to hateful tweets or comments. But not Sanchez. The butt-fumbling New York Jets quarterback decided to take the high route and engage the hate, and the result is just another laughing matter to add to the Jets’ circus.

The first incident occurred in mid-May when Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith reportedly said on a radio station, “He [Sanchez] sucks, I wouldn’t let Mark Sanchez throw me a paper bag sandwich.”

While I’m not exactly sure what a ‘paper bag sandwich’ is, I have to admire Sanchez’s response, “I wish him and his team a healthy, successful season.” Now that is a witty response. It appears that Sanchez has found his niche: comedy in response to hatred directed at him.

The two most recent events were a bit more hateful then the questionable ‘paper bag sandwich’ comment.

Here are the two other tweet debacles that really showcase the sense of humor for the unfortunate Sanchez:

Wishing that Sanchez would drink poison is a little over the top, so this next hater turned it down a notch, but is still slightly out of line.

In both cases, Sanchez must be commended, not only because he’s interacting with his fan base, as sick and demented as they are, but also because he’s showing a good attitude towards the ordeals.

While he may never be Tom Brady, win a Super Bowl, be an MVP or make the playoffs ever again, Sanchez does have two things going for him: firstly, his head coach is his biggest fan, and secondly, like the average rapper, he loves his haters.

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