Chicago Area High School Player Drains Incredible 135 Of 147 Three-Pointers In Five Minutes

By Connor Muldowney
Josh Ruggles
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

How many times did you stand in your driveway as a kid and see how many shots you could make in a row? How about in the gym before or after practice? I bet you got to about six or seven in a row from 3-point range and then it got too tough to continue.

Josh Ruggles must have practiced shooting 3-pointers a million times because the accuracy he has on his shot is just unreal. Watch this Chicago-area high school player make 135 three-pointers in five minutes.

As you can see, besides the awful vertical camera width, the kid has an amazingly accurate shot from downtown. He made 135 threes with ease and it looked like he could keep going. Many people have a hard time getting 100 shots up in five minutes, so making 135 threes makes this one of the most impressive feats in the history of basketball shot-making.

Sure, there’s no defense so that takes away from it a bit, but if he can shoot like that with ease in practice, I’m sure a hand in his face wouldn’t phase him as much as you think.

What’s the most impressive thing about this video? How about the fact that he only missed 12 shots. Yes, I said 12. That’s an incredible 92 percent shooting. How many people do you know that can make 135 out of 147 shots, let alone 3-pointers? Probably no one.

Watch out for the name Josh Ruggles because he could become a household name in a couple of years.

Well done, Josh. Just amazing.

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