Believe It Or Not, Future Olympic Games Could Actually Feature Pole Dancing As Newest Sport

By Marilee Gallagher

If you were to ask the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) if pole dancing, something most of us know as an activity done in the strip club, should be considered a sport and worthy of consideration in the Olympics, then the answer you would get is a simple yes.

And not only does the IPSF (which I bet most have never even heard of) think pole dancing, now renamed pole sports, is worthy of inclusion, they are actually pushing for it.

According to several sources the IPSF, which held the first world championship in 2012, has been doing a lot in the recent months to improve its image and change the nature of how everyday people look at pole dancing. In fact, to eliminate some of that burlesque feeling type of stigma, the IPSF has even changed the name from pole dancing to pole sports.

As part of their effort to include pole sports in the Olympics, the IPSF has made changes to their rulebook. These are not limited to a professional sporting dress code, the renaming of some of the classic yet suggestive moves and a ban of props such as top hats and canes. Dancing in an overly erotic manner, as well as removing any articles of clothing, is also expressly forbidden.

Doesn’t quite sound like what you and I might believe pole dancing to be, but that is exactly the point. Because while hearing that pole dancing might be in the Olympics is something that is laughable and almost impossible to believe, the IPSF is taking its reformation project very seriously.

They want that bid and considering that things such as synchronized swimming, rhythmic gymnastics and ice dancing get to exist in the greatest collection of sporting events in the world, it is not unreasonable to think we might one day be watching pole dancing in the Olympic Games with a cleaned-up image.

Because after all, while it may not qualify as a sport, no one can deny the athleticism needed to pole dance.

So get your ones ready, because pole dancing pole sports might be headed toward Olympic glory.

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