Josh Reddick Shows Just How 'Reddickulous' He Can Be In Hilarious MLB Fan Cave Video

By Marilee Gallagher
josh reddick
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The creation of the MLB Fan Cave might end up being the greatest thing the league could have ever done. Players, musicians and fans have all come together in this New York locale to share stories, watch a lot of baseball and of course create hilarious, bound-to-go-viral videos.

Josh Reddick‘s recent Chanel No. 5 parody is no different.

Everyone remembers the first time they heard Brad Pitt‘s now infamous ad, the words “Every journey ends but we go on,” probably imprinted somewhere in your brain. And of course there were the parodies, the oh so many parodies, because there was no way you could watch that video and not start laughing.

But that ad is now coincidentally not airing on TV as much now after so much hilarious backlash, thought to have seen its end in 2012. In fact, I had forgotten about the classic ad until Reddick’s hilarious parody emerged and begged to be clicked on. And it was not disappointing.

Reddick, the very entertaining 26-year-old Oakland Athletics outfielder who has penned the Twitter hashtag #Reddickulous, is up to his antics again in this parody video. Set in the same style as Pitt’s, Reddick describes his own new perfume, Reddick No. 16, doing so with some of the same lines Pitt uses.

It isn’t until about 30 seconds in that we get Reddick’s own interpretation, “my luck, my faith, my batting average on balls in play,” which, if anyone is wondering, is pretty bad at .235 heading into play on Tuesday.

But that shouldn’t bother Reddick, because who really cares about BABIP when you have a new perfume to sell?

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