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Top 20 WAGs of the NFL

(Kevin Jairaj/USA Today Sports)

The 2013 NFL season is only a few weeks away and in honor of what should be another exciting year—we decided to have some fun with a list of our 20 favorite NFL WAGs.

It’s one thing to be a fan of a specific player, but some of these players are lucky enough to land some of the most beautiful women in the world as either their girlfriends or their wife. From Tom Brady of the New England Patriots being married to the lovely Gisele Bundchen to Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder being lucky enough to land Samantha Ponder as his wife, the 2013 season will be filled with plenty of beautiful ladies to keep an eye on for football fans.

Even if your favorite football team struggles during the 2013 season, at least fans can still find a way to enjoy the game by seeing these gorgeous women cheering for their husbands or boyfriends from the sidelines. There’s no telling what to expect this season as the Baltimore Ravens will be looking to make another run at the Super Bowl, but there will be plenty of other contenders who will be set to make a run of their own and earn an opportunity to be playing In one of the biggest sporting events come February.

Without wasting any more time, here’s a look at 20 of the hottest NFL WAGs heading into the 2013 season—with the lovely Ponder earning the first spot as you can see in the slide above.

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Lauren Tannehill

(Lauren Tannehill Twitter)

If you weren't a fan of the Miami Dolphins before Ryan Tannehill was drafted, you certainly became one afterwards as Lauren Tannehill is absolutely gorgeous.

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Jessie James

(Jessie James Instagram)

The popular singer Jessie James is married to Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker--who is one lucky man.

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Alicia Sacramone

(Alicia Sacramone Twitter)

Brady Quinn may be struggling to sticking with one team in the NFL, but at least he can brag about dating a popular Olympian in Alicia Sacramone.

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Gisele Bundchen

(Gisele Bundchen Twitter)

Not only is Tom Brady considered one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, but he's known for being married to one of the hottest models as well in Gisele Bundchen.

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Janelle Winslow

(Janelle Winslow Twitter)

For the sake of how beautiful Janelle Winslow is, New York Jets fans better hope Kellen Winslow Jr. finds a spot on the roster for the 2013 season.

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Kristin Cavallari

(Kristin Cavallari Instagram)

Not only is Kristin Cavallari married to Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears, but the couple also had a son last year.

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Lacey Minchew

(Lacey Minchew Twitter)

Sure, the photo may be from his time with the Seattle Seahawks, but Matt Flynn and Lacey Minchew hope a fresh start with the Oakland Raiders is just what the quarterback needs.

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Kerry Washington

(Kerry Washington Instagram)

In what turned out to be a surprise wedding, Kerry Washington is married to Nnamdi Asomugha--who hopes to earn a roster spot with the San Francisco 49ers in 2013.

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Heather Mitts

(Eric Hartline/USA Today Sports)

Some team in the NFL needs to sign A.J. Feeley again so we can see more of his beautiful wife, Heather Mitts.

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Brittany Langdon

(Matt Barkley Twitter)

When considering the fact that Brittany Langdon played soccer, it's safe to say she could have some extremely athletic children down the road with Matt Barkley.

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Kelly Hall

(Kelly Hall Twitter)

Over the last two seasons, Matthew Stafford has emerged as one of the league's top quarterbacks and he should be considered one of the luckiest players in the NFL for dating someone as attractive as Kelly Hall.

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Kendra Wilkinson

(Kendra Wilkinson Twitter)

Hank Baskett may no longer be in the league, but at least he managed to land Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson before his playing days were over.

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Sanya Richards Ross

(Sanya Richards-Ross Instagram)

Aaron Ross married former Texas track star and Olympic Gold Medalist Sanya Richards-Ross. Just imagine how athletic those children could be.

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Elaina Watley

(Elaina Watley Instagram)

Elaina Watley sure has plenty to be thankful for after Victor Cruz finally received the contract extension he fought so hard for from the New York Giants this offseason.

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Jessica Burciaga

(Jessica Burciaga Instagram)

Lance Moore is coming off one of his best seasons with the New Orleans Saints and it's safe to say he has one of the most beautiful girlfriends in the game in Jessica Burciaga.

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Courtney Eckhart

(Courtney Eckhart Twitter)

Does it really surprise anyone that a star like LaMichael James was lucky enough to land a former Oregon cheerleader as beautiful as Courtney Eckhart?

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Elise Pollard

(Elise Pollard Twitter)

Elise Pollard is the lovely lady dating Golden Tate--who hopes to make another big impact in the passing game for the Seattle Seahawks this season.

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Shenae Saifi

(Shenae Saifi Twitter)

Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers proposed to Shenae Saifi in October 2012.

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Rachel McCoy

(Rachel McCoy Twitter)

His NFL career may not be going the way he was hoping for so far, but Colt McCoy certainly has a lovely lady in Rachel McCoy.

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Candice Crawford


Candice Crawford is Tony Romo's wife. Don't ever, ever feel bad for the Cowboys' QB.

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Kaela Clawson


Kaela Clawson is the wife of NFL kicker Dan Carpenter. Way to go, Dan.

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Lilit Avagyan


Lilit Avagyan is Reggie Bush's significant other. Looks like the Lions' RB is doing just fine since kicking Kim K to the curb.

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Nicole Pechanec


This is Andrew Luck's beautiful girlfriend, who is a former gymnast and Stanford attendee.

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Sarah Hinton


Sarah Hinton is the girlfriend of 49ers' tight end Garrett Celek, who's the brother of Eagles' TE Brent Celek.

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    Can’t blame a guy for dating or marrying the best looking woman he can, but let’s be honest, it’s really all about the money.

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