25 Female Athletes Who Could Make Your Favorite NFL Team’s Roster Today

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25 Female Athletes Who Could Make Your Favorite NFL Team's Roster

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

It's tough to make an NFL team. There are plenty of talented football players working hard trying to make a roster who can attest to that fact. They've worked their whole life to get a shot at making an NFL team, but some players switch to football later in life.

To make the switch you would need extraordinary physical skills. Strength, speed and agility are just a few of the traits that NFL teams are looking for in their players.

But those skills aren’t just for the men. There are female athletes out there with amazing physical skills as well. Whether it's basketball players who are tall and strong, soccer players with quickness or tennis players with strength, women's sports are full of great athletes.

And some of those athletes would transfer to the football field with ease. Not just in places like kicker or punter either, as these ladies could play all over the field from offense to defense.

NFL teams are looking for players with specialty skill more and more these days. You have diminutive third-down backs, tall receivers and strong linemen. There are women in sports who have all those same kinds of skills.

And toughness, don't forget about toughness. We all know you have to be tough to play NFL football. But we also know that women's sports, especially at the elite levels, are tough to play too. Just watch WNBA players battle down low or soccer players take a hit while trying to score a goal.

Sure, making an NFL team is really hard, but the women on this list are great athletes who have the kind of skills that football teams are looking for.

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25. Hope Solo

Hope Solo
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Free Safety

Women's national team goalkeeper Hope Solo is an expert at playing the ball in the air and keeping everything in front of her.

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24. Valerie Adams

Valerie Adams
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Linebacker

An Olympic shot-putter from New Zealand, Valerie Adams has the strength to shed blockers and make plays.

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23. Skylar Diggins

Skylar Diggins
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Running Back

A floor leader known for her vision and toughness, Skylar Diggins is used to finding holes in the defense.

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22. Veronica Campbell-Brown

Veronica Campbell-Brown
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Wide Receiver

One of the fastest women in the world, Jamaican sprinter Veronica Campbell-Brown would make a great deep threat.

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21. Diana Taurasi

Diana Taurasi
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Running Back

With her quickness and coordination, Diana Taurasi would be dangerous in the open field.

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20. Natalie Coughlin

Natalie Coughlin
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Defensive End

Tall, strong and long, Natalie Coughlin could get in the passing lanes and disrupt the opposing quarterback.

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19. Carmelita Jeter

Carmelita Jeter
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Wide Receiver

One of the fastest women in the world, Carmelita Jeter could get behind the defense and break open a game on any play.

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18. Sydney Leroux

Sydney Leroux
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Possession Receiver

Every team needs a receiver who can work over the middle of the field and move the chains. Strong and skillfull, Sydney Leroux could make the critical catches that keep a drive alive.

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17. Julia Mancuso

Julia Mancuso
Byron Hetzler-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Running Back

You have to have some serious lower-body strength to be a world-class downhill skier, the same kind of lower-body strength that NFL running backs have.

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16. Lolo Jones

Lolo Jones
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Safety

A great all around athlete, Olympian Lolo Jones has proven that she can excel at many different sports.

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15. Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Cornerback

Abby Wambach is one of the leaders on the women's national team. Her speed and quickness would help her make plays in the defensive secondary.

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14. Linda Stahl

Linda Stahl
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Quarterback

Linda Stahl won bronze in the javelin at the 2012 Olympics. That's the kind of strong arm the NFL is looking for.

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13. Misty May Treanor

Misty May Treanor
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Cornerback

With her ball skills and leaping ability, Misty May Treanor could lock down NFL receivers.

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12. Toni Young

Toni Young
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Wide Receiver

Toni Young, who was just drafted into the WNBA, stands 6'2" tall and would be a valuable red-zone target.

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11. Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Linebacker

Ronda Rousey is one of the best female MMA fighters in the world. She brings the kind of intensity you need on an NFL field.

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10. Candace Parker

Candace Parker
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Tight End

Candace Parker has the combination of size and strength that NFL teams covet in their tight ends. Throw in her leaping ability and she would be the ideal red zone target.

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9. Sarah Robles

Sarah Robles
Matt Kryger-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Defensive Line

Sarah Robles, an American Olympic weightlifter, has the size and strength to battle in the NFL trenches.

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8. Jennie Finch

Jennie Finch
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Quarterback

Softball pitcher Jennie Finch has the arm strength and leadership NFL teams are looking for at the quarterback position.

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7. Venus Williams

Venus Williams
Presse Sports-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Defensive Back

Venus Williams has quickness, agility and good size. She could play safety or maybe even cornerback in the NFL.

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6. Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Slot Receiver

Every team in the NFL wants to find a good slot receiver these days. America's darling, soccer star Alex Morgan has the quickness, agility and toughness to make a living working the middle of the field.

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5. Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Third-Down Back

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson is small but strong, perfectly suited for a role as a third-down back.

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4. Holley Mangold

Holley Mangold
Matt Kryger-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Offensive Line

Olympic weightlifter Holley Mangold, sister of New York Jets center Nick Mangold, could line up next to him on the offensive line in the NFL.

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3. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Return Specialist

Speed kills in the NFL. You can use it anywhere on the field, but it's an especially devastating weapon on special teams. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, who won the gold medal in the 100 meter sprint at the last two Olympics, is one of the fastest women on the planet.

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2. Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Wide Receiver

Brittney Griner, the most dominant women's basketball player right now, has all the skills to be a No. 1 receiver in the NFL. She's tall, fast and has good hands. Strong and tough with great leaping ability, she would be a force at wide receiver in the NFL.

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1. Serena Williams

Serena Williams
Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Pass-Rushing Outside Linebacker

Rushing the passer has become the most important part of playing defense in the NFL. Strong and quick, Serena Williams would be a disruptive force as a pass-rushing outside linebacker.

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  • mike69186

    Sorry Ben, I don’t care how dominant these women are in their respective sports, they could never play in the NFL.

  • Marycatterpillar

    This is just too stupid for words.

    • KevVc1

      agreed….I have a feeling these writers get paid by the amount of comments they get so they write ridiculous articles hoping everyone will weigh in on how stupid it is….although if Kathy Ireland can kick for the Wildcats then maybe just maybe…..

      • Shaleane Marie

        It’s true… You are right. it’s all for website impressions, CPC advertisement clicks, and etc..

        The more traffic they can get – and the more time they can get people to stay on the website – the more money they potentially create.

      • J Deezy

        No, they get paid by th numer of “clicks” their article gets – thats why you see so much click-bait (semi-nude models, controversial language, hot terms like “blow your mind” or “renew your faith in humanity”).

    • bldob

      True, but it is probably also true that if you can have women’s boxing, you could have women’s football, at least at the college level.

      • Loren Elifrits


        Already is happening. Take a look.

        • Tim Cohen

          Yaaawwwwwnnnn. Ho Hum, boring, just WNBA.

      • Erik Baran

        Yes, you can have women’s football, but there isn’t a woman alive that can play in the NFL. They don’t have the physical skills to compete at the elite levels of men’s pro sports.

    • steve Fowler

      Yeah it really is…

    • https://soundcloud.com/varcity-e-n-t socialcancer

      I found a few, disrespectful, unrealistic, and dumb.

  • James Brown

    These gals are good in womens sports, but the only position any could play in the NFL is Way Back.

    • Derek Rodrigues

      My coaches used to call it Ass Back. When you try to get in the game, coach says “Get your Ass Back here!”

  • billygowhop

    the only women I could see playing would be the weightlifters and they probably do not have the speed necessary for line play.

  • Nos Feratu

    Are you freaking nuts. There is not woman alive that could last 10 seconds in an NFL game with these monsters playing today. What is a female going to do, when she is hit by a 265lb monster? Nothing but be put in a coma. End of story.

    • ron ban

      DO you see the power of feminism? A writer was PAID a six figure salary to write nonsense like this.
      Truly our society as become DUMB and retarded. It’s like nobody has any brains anymore…

      • Charles

        No chance the writer makes even close to six figures. He is lucky to make 30,000.

      • D_Hawk

        This is Rant Sports…the “writer” was lucky to get $5 for this trash.

    • Michael J Wilding

      i could see hope solo as a field goal kicker but not sure what jenny finch would be doing but sitting on the bench for me to look at lol shes is damn hot!!!

    • Guesterz

      I dunno, speaking of monsters I think the 6’4” 260lb Valerie Adams could take some punishment…

      • Spooney

        I agree, it’s the only choice that I thought was somewhat reasonable.

      • John Franklin

        There are a lot of guys at 6’4″ and taller, weigh more than 260 # and will never play in the NFL. Anyone who actually played with or against someone who went on to play in the NFL knows just how physically gifted these guys were. Females just don’t have it.

        • Guesterz

          I didn’t say she could play in the NFL but that she wouldn’t be instantly demolished like your average woman.

      • Erik Baran

        What’s her 40 time? What can she bench? How do those numbers compare to a NFL player of comparable size? She would be thrown around like a rag doll.

        • Guesterz

          Like I replied to John Franklin earlier, I didn’t say she could actually PLAY in the NFL. It’s not like these women are going to show up in the tryouts because they don’t play football for one. Adams benches something like 380 pounds, that lady IS the She-Hulk.

  • Crusader10

    Seriously? Does anyone believe any of this nonsense?

    • Doug Lynn

      No one exempt the ignorant believes this could happen, but these women might do well competing on a high school football team

    • Derek Rodrigues

      They list one attribute for each athlete. No one believes that NFL coaches and scouts base their roster decisions on one attribute per athlete. Shawn Johnson as a third-down back? Come on. I could crush Shawn Johnson, and I’m way too small for the NFL.

  • Westmini1

    Cheerleading on the sidelines doesn’t count as playing in the game… A few of these women could definitely crack into the NFL cheerleading scene.

  • Greg Turner

    Are you guys out of your mind? You say Candace Parker has the size and strength to be a tight end. She’s over 50 lbs lighter than the smallest TE at this year’s combine. Sarah Robles as a lineman? At 5′ 10″, she’s four inches shorter than the shortest O line prospect. That’s a big deal since reach is important on the line. Mangold is even shorter and probably too heavy as well. Shawn Johnson as a running back? Third down backs are only small compared to other NFL players. SHe’s almost a foot shorter than the smallest back and half the weight. She’d be destroyed.

    Don’t get me wrong, every woman you listed is a great athlete. I;m sure they could beat out a fair number of men who compete professionally in their respective sports. However, not one of them has the size to either take the beating the NFL lays out or give it to the opponent. The same is true of a lot of male athletes, including most NCAA football players.

    • Derek Rodrigues

      Dude, I could crush Shawn Johnson, and I am way way way too small for the NFL. That one blew my mind.

  • john

    Serena Williams at outside linebacker had me dying. lol

    • Doug Lynn

      Only small school high school team yes, not anywhere above that.

      • GD

        A very poor small high school team

    • Derek Rodrigues

      I thought Shawn Johnson was the most ridiculous one of all. I’m one of the smallest people I know, and I could crush Shawn Johnson with one hand.

  • BB Blaster

    Dumbest article I’ve ever read on the internet…BY FAR. But, it does serve one purpose: It demonstrates how far down the path of PC lunacy we’ve traveled in this country over the past few decades. Not a chance in hell that any woman could play in the NFL….unless, perhaps, if they change the rules and allow women to drive cars from one endzone to the other.

    • PC Madness

      One of these days the PC nonsense will get a woman horrifically killed on prime time television. It is inevitable because the push for PC will continue despite the harsh reality of physical limitations of female athletes compared to their male counterparts. They will push to fully allow women to play under the the cry of fairness. The push will turn into an all out demand and the result will be that some unfortunate girl will be the guinea pig that gets mutilated. Maybe not in some of the less violent sports like Baseball, Tennis, Basketball etc, but certainly in Football, Hockey, MMA or Boxing. The thought of a woman taking a sack or a hockey check is chilling. The result would be about like a lion attacking a gazelle.

      • JJ truth

        I’m sure the MMA fighter, the basketball players, the shot putter & the Weightlifter & Serena would kick your butt easily in a fight probably a few others too like the women’s boxers & a few others. Maybe the gymnast too?

        • James Shelley

          Sure they could kick my ass. But could they kick Von Millers? THat is the question.

        • Mardorang

          Why is there a separate women’s division in UFC bantam weight?

        • Blank Generation

          You’d be wrong. Look up Sharon Fox, a man who had a sexchange surgery and takes estrogen and now routinely crushes professional women’s MMA fighters.

          While you’re at it, educate yourself on the physiological differences between men and women, especially as far as the differences between male and female bone and muscle tissue go.

        • paulinpittsburgh

          You’re delusional and have been listening to to much gender feminist propaganda.

        • Jim King

          They could probably beat most men, but they wouldn’t be going up against the average guy.

        • Erik Baran

          We’re not talking about beating an average male, but competing at the highest levels of athletic endeavors. It wouldn’t be pretty. Just look at when women started becoming firemen….er….firefighters…, cops, members of the military and any other profession that requires physical skills. They demanded entry because women can do anything a man can do, except pass the physical fitness requirements every man had to pass. Then they wanted special dispensation because they were women.

      • Tim Cohen

        Well PC nonsense is about to get a lot of women killed now that they are allowed to integrate combat ranks. Very, very, very bad idea as is WITS.

    • BB Blaster

      One of these days, my wife, daughter, girlfriend, mistress, or maybe even my mother will love me again….but until then, all women are the devil.

      • Boogie man

        Actually they are not. They are influenced heavily by the devil because it is easier for the devil to manipulate them and give them sneaky ideas… such as this suggestive article.

    • Jonathan Blackwell

      Agreed. I feel dumber by just reading the headline

    • Guest

      You’re so right. How about the transgender MMA fight “Fallon Something”? He/she wants to fight girls in the UFC. I won’t be surprised when it happens. Logic went out the window 10 years ago.

    • Greg Laff

      You’re so right. How about the transgender MMA fighter “Fallon Fox? He/she wants to fight girls in the UFC. Dude got his operation when he was 30 and already a fully developed man. I won’t be surprised when it happens. Any form of logic went out the window over 10 years ago.

    • Jim King

      Maybe they should allow it if only to make sure the subject is never raised again: it would only take one woman getting pulverized with extreme prejudice.

    • Erik Baran

      Even then…….

  • rusty shackleford

    Honestly, I could see a woman playing receiver, and it is proven that throughout history, women have had better accuracy and quicker reacting eyesight, so maybe even a woman QB, but it really is the toughness you have to think about. Can a woman really last an entire game with today’s NFL players? Would she be able to take a blindsiding hit from Clay Mathews? It COULD happen, but it would likely be painful to watch.

  • John

    I love the softball pitcher they say should play quarterback. I wonder how her first helmet to helmet late hit sack would go for her.

    • Doug Lynn

      I would be surprised if there is a women alive that can run 40 in under 5 seconds and throw a football 60 yards.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=59504826 Keith Plesha

    This is like the TMZ of sports…worst site EVER!

    • GD

      Sir: You insult TMZ, if that’s possible

  • Guest

    Alex Morgan weighs 137 lbs, Shawn Johnson is under 5 feet tall and weights 90 lbs.! What a pointless, ridiculous article. I hope and assume you’re not paying this Ben Sullivan moron to write about sports

  • denshvalaunt

    There was a female wide receiver on the high school football team during my senior year, but she rarely saw playing time. That being said, this article is hilarious. None of these athletes could even compete with men in their own sport, let alone full contact football. Serena Williams is arguably the best female tennis player ever, and she openly admitted that should would struggle to win even one point in a tennis match with Andy Murray.

    • Cheapshot420420 .

      fun fact, despite that admittance by her, and women play less sets than men, and mens tickets are over twice as expensive, the women get the same prize money for winning.

  • Van Chandler

    Jennie Finch went to my high school. We had several classes together. I practiced with her and friends. Nice girl. Overrated.

  • Brian Sleider

    SO you want to see 10 women absolutely BROKEN on the field. There is not a woman alive that could take a hit from a man of the same size.

  • casprd

    She man Serena Williams is about the only possible one that could compete at maybe the junior college level. The rest of them would get creamed in one hit.

    • cjoe071855

      SHEMAN! U r a dumb ass!

      • casprd

        Yeah she man. If you don’t think all the drugs she’s taking have affected her gender then you’re deluding yourself.

        • cjoe071855

          You should have proof before you make such accusations. No doubt you r an undersize, insignificant little man. Serena would whip your ass on the tennis court, and face to face would knock the shit out of you if you were man enough to say your accusations to her face.

  • rick farmer

    maybe for sex and thats all. except for brittany. if we can find a fagg in the NFL maybe then she can turn back out right. she still has a prick hidden in her pants. this story is a joke, like i said sex only

  • jpowers55

    This is a joke right? Women dont have the speed, size or strength to play in the NFL.

    • Bob Papadazzio

      Oh, there’s women out there with the speed, size, or strength to play in the NFL… the problem is that if you have one without the others you’re going to get yourself killed.

      • newbienick


        • Bob Papadazzio

          Thanks for replying to my comment in an argumentative tone just to say the same goddamn thing I did.

  • kenhowes

    This is one of the silliest articles I’ve seen lately. These women are no doubt great athletes. They won the women’s medals in their various sports. But there’s a reason they compete in the women’s competitions. It’s because they would not be able to do so in the men’s competition.
    We’ve seen women try to play men’s professional sports. Nancy Lieberman tried out in the NBA; she didn’t make it. Manon Rheaume was an excellent hockey player below the NHL level, competing successfully against male players. But when she got the opportunity at the NHL level, she wasn’t up to it. The only woman to play men’s professional football was Pat Palinkas, who, in a minor league, was the holder for her husband, a place kicker.
    The great high-water mark for women against male athletes was the Billie Jean King match with Bobby Riggs. King won. But Bobby Riggs was a has-been 55-year-old player going against a 29-year-old woman at the top of her career. How would King have done against, say, Jimmy Connors?
    I wonder about Nick Mangold’s sister. Obviously, she has good NFL genes. She’s probably monstrously strong and might hold her own, though I suspect she would lack the quickness necessary to play pro football.
    But could Jennie Finch really, seriously play quarterback in the NFL? The first time Vince Wilfork or Haloti Ngata slammed into her, she’d be ready to switch careers. She’s very pretty–the one place I could see her on an NFL field is as a cheerleader.

  • Bluewulf

    Ben Sullivan clearly has sawdust between his ears.

  • The Man

    Wow, the sexism in these comments is breathtaking.

    • John Lawton

      Pointing out reality is not being sexist.

      When the US Air Force began admitting women as new cadets to the Air Force Academy, they tested men and women and found that women were capable of doing more sit-ups than men, having greater abdominal–including low-back–muscle strength (which is required to carry a fetus full-term). But, men have more upper-body and leg strength (proportionally, based on height and weight). So, to allow the female cadets to compete with the male cadets, they had to reduce (overall) the physical-examination requirements; fewer push-ups, fewer pull-ups, etc.–but not sit-ups–were required to pass (if they’d raised the number of sit-ups to favor women, then they’d have had to start rejecting more men and the US military establishment was not about to do that).

      A (long-forgotten–my memory wanes) US city, in the 20th century, got tired of having a constant, large number of assaults on women (primarily muggings), which were reported in downtown areas where large numbers of women congregated or traversed, daily. So, the city began teaching martial arts through free classes open to all women who wanted to participate. They were thinking the better the women were able to defend themselves, the fewer muggings would occur. After a substantial time and a substantial number of women being taught martial arts skills, muggings were, in fact, reduced. But–repeat BUT–the number of homicides went up! The women were being mugged by street-people, “skid-row drunks”, who were primarily ex-US military, trained in hand-to-hand combat. As long as their female victims were relatively passive, the male attackers would simply rob them, sometimes after a few blows intended primarily to intimidate, and steal their female victims purses, pocket-books, or wallets. But, when the smaller, weaker, slower women started “fighting back”, their male attackers would simply kill them with their superior martial arts skills and then take their money and possessions.

      If women could compete with men in physically demanding athletic sports, like professional football in the NFL, which rely on size (mass), power, and speed, they’d have track, weight-lifting, and other sports records that would equal men’s. They don’t! The fastest female Olympic sprinters probably wouldn’t even qualify for the men’s sprints. The strongest female weight-lifters probably wouldn’t even qualify for the men’s weightlifting competition. The best, biggest, bulkiest female putting the shot still couldn’t beat the majority of the male shot-putters (tho’, those female ‘putters from affluent nations might possibly beat a few emaciated male ‘putters from Africa). None of the female sprinters nor weightlifters would win against them men; the results, the records, have proven that consistently throughout the history of the modern Olympics (I doubt women were allowed to compete in the original, Grecian Olympics).

      If Billy Jean King had been 55, or if Bobby Riggs had been 29, when they had their famous non-gendered match, Bobby would have won. Even Billy Jean has admitted to that.

      Pro football requires size, power, and speed. Ask any “speedy” but “diminutive” (by NFL standards) wide-receiver why they won’t run reverses through the middle of the line of scrimmage, or why many won’t run pass routes over the middle of the field, especially against zone-defenses. Ask any 200-250 lb. running back what happens when they “lose”, “one-on-one” with a defensive lineman that outweighs them by 150 lb. when that lineman performs a “text- (or play-) -book” tackle, perfectly.

      There are always exceptions to the “rules”. I.e. one of the “rules” is that women are not as adept at armed- or unarmed- (including hand-to-hand) -combat as are men (for, example, no victorious, 20th century armed forces used women extensively in front-line combat rolls, though women were often used as snipers, as suicide-bombers, etc): an American female military policewomen successfully lead troops in combat during the US invasion of Panama. Most women in the US military, and a higher percentage of those not in the military (as US military women are an exception to the general set of rules describing US women) might just break down emotionally under the stress of combat (just as some men break down emotionally trying to be nurturing fathers and “escape” by being workaholic and by avoiding home life as much as possible).

      But, in general, the “rule” regarding professional football is that women simply are not big enough, women are physically not strong enough, and women are just not fast enough to play in the NFL, in the CFL, in World Cup soccer, in any of the “Australian Rules” rugby leagues or similar professional (“male-dominated”) leagues. That is the primary reason why professional tennis, the Olympics, etc. have a division between male and female. If they didn’t, most of the medals would HAVE to be awarded to men.

      Other accommodations to reality exist in sports, i.e. the weight-divisions in boxing, wrestling, weight-lifting, etc. Speaking of boxing, do you really want to see someone like Leila Ali go up against someone like Mike Tyson? Do you? Out of your impotent quest for “equality” under the guise of “political correctness”? Even Mike (or George Foreman) was 55 and Leila was 29?

      In general: Women are better at multi-tasking (doing several things within a short period of time–”accuracy” needs to be better defined before any one can say women are more accurate than men). Men are better at single-tasking (focusing on one “job”). In specific: men are faster, stronger, and larger and thus are better at sports that demand size, strength, and speed.

      If you want to see women compete actively with men, then try these sports: archery, diving, water ballet (tho’, it’d favor men due to their greater limberness), target shooting, badminton, etc. Women simply are not going to compete with men, cannot compete with men, in the NFL!

      There’s absolutely nothing sexist about that. If there were, then it’d be equally sexist to point out that men can’t/don’t get pregnant. It’s just reality. Pointing out reality is not sexist. There’ nothing sexist about reality. It’s simply reality, whether you like it or not! Whether you learn to accept it or not!! Whether you stop making foolish, inane, or specious statements or not!!! And, all the political correctness (which is another way of saying, “junior high-school-like popularity), that you can apply (largely by making foolish, inane, or specious statements) is not going to change that, is not going to change reality.

      One wonders at your nom-de-Internet.

      • The Man

        tl;dr = John Lawton is a virgin.

        • John Lawton

          Chuckle. I appear to be right about the nom-de-Internet as that’s about the most impotent come-back I’ve ever read/heard/etc. Sorry, sonny, but you can’t change reality by [deleted] nor by making such childish (and untrue) statements such as “John Lawton is a virgin.” Guffaw.

          The truth will remain the truth. Women are never going to be in the NFL in significant numbers because they are: (1) too small, (2) too weak, and (3) too slow (and, if they ever do appear in significant numbers, well, then “NFL” will have changed from “National Football League” to “National Feminist/Female League” or some-such).

          There is nothing sexist about it; it’s simply the truth; it’s simply reality. But, you seem to have shown that you’re incapable of understanding such adult concepts such as logic, reasoning, and understanding by your impotent, childish come-back. Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve hurt your girlish feelings again, have I?=RHETORICAL QUESTION! (Now, that’s a come-back! chuckle)

          That’s OK, now I have to: (1) figure out how to unsubscribe from this nonsense, this drivel (the original article, not the majority of the comments), (2) figure out where I can find a URL to it so I can send it to some biker friends of mine who have a laugh at it, and you, and (3) show I can descend to your level even further by saying, maybe you can make yourself feel better by singing “I am women, hear me roar.”

          And, finally, (4) point out that no snappy come-backs, no name calling, no talking “trash”, etc. is going to: (a) change reality and make women (at present–who knows what the future may bring through genetic-engineering) (I) strong enough, (II) fast enough, or (III) big enough to play professional football with men in any meaningful fashion, nor (b) help you nor others–who refuse to see reality–see reality.

          Take off your sunglasses (so we can see if there’s a girl hiding in there, but, mostly) so you can “see the light (of reality)” as “there are none so blind as those who will not see.”


          (I have to be careful; I’ve already split open one hernia repair from coughing too much and chuckling at idiots has the potential to split it open farther.)

        • Muhummad

          Maybe you should learn to speed read you worm.

    • Doug Lynn

      Funny. The truth is not sexism. It is good sense.

    • Frank Rivera

      Nothing is worse than a male feminist. It’s not sexism it’s fact.

    • newbienick

      I think the lack of respect for the NFL players physical abilities in the article is much more breathtaking than the sexism of the comments.What a deusch bag this guy has to be to write this.

  • Ron Boyer

    stupid article…

  • Dave Kellogg

    Based on any of the last five most recent NYS Statewide Boys NYS State Track & Field Championships, the NYS Prep All-Stars – and NYS is not a particularly noted Track hotbed – would decisively defeat the 2012 International Women’s Olympic All Star Team. If the boys’ performances were enhanced by the type of training the Olympic Women get, it’s entirely possible that the Boys’ Team could sweep the Women’s Team, even if the competition was held using Women’s Rules (lighter weights, lower hurdles, etc.). Sports is all about fluke occurrences; I could believe that a woman could get into an NFL Game and accomplish something notable, even two or three things that were notable, I’d bet against it, but I could believe it happening. But ten women regularly making substantial contributions on the field to an NFL Roster? Absurd. Tim Tebow, to pick a well-known name, at 6′ 3″, 240 pounds, and adequate speed to win a Heisman Trophy as a QB, but can’t catch on to an NFL team despite his most earnest efforts; I’m not aware of any current (or, for that matter, past) woman athlete who could demonstrate anything close to a likelihood of matching his playing potential at any NFL position – offensive, defensive, or special teams. (Tebow ran a 4.7 40 yd dash, which projects to less than 11.0 seconds for the 100 meter dash; at less than 11 seconds, he probably could have qualified for the Women’s Olympic Finals.)

  • Andrew

    Is this supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek article? None of these women could even sniff a FCS roster, let alone the NFL. That’s not a knock on these women, they’re all incredible athletes who’ve accomplished a lot in their sports. That means nothing when it comes to playing in the NFL.

  • Stan H

    It has to be. These women are all exceptional female athletes, but to throw them on the field with the biggest, fastest, strongest male athletes in the world is so ridiculous, it has be a joke.

  • Burn_the_Witch

    That poor soccer player listed in the 20th position would get outrun, runover, and possibly killed as the free safety position. The differences, skill sets, and physical attributes between the goalie position and free safety are so vast as to defy comparison. How many goalies have transitioned to Free safety in the NFL?

    At number 19, that woman is of considerable size, but how does her actual physical strength compare to a man of equal size? Hint: she’s still slower and weaker than any linebacker of that size in the NFL. Or even college.

    At number 18, the author clearly would like to see that woman die. I couldn’t make it any further due to the absurdity of suggesting that woman had the strength and speed to make it past the first day of tryouts for the RB position based simply on the fact that she can read a defense in a completely different sport and has toughness in a no/light contact sport.

    Now I know not to come back to this site for anything related to sports. They’re just trolling for hits.

  • irish189

    I’m sorry but putting basketball players as running backs? Unless your name is Shaq no one else has the size not to get completely killed while running through the maze of linebackers.

  • Brian Messer

    Serena would be better suited as Center, with her center of gravity no one could knock her down and going around could take forever

  • spiderpaz

    MAYBE one or two of them could be a field goal kicker, but all the other positions pretty much require that you be able to take an NFL sized hit and get back up … no woman can do that. It doesn’t make female athletes inferior, it just makes them different – and that difference prevents them from playing football at that level.

    • Frank Rivera

      I agree with what you say. However, they are inferior Otherwise you would see women competing with men in other sports as well.

  • dreameagle

    this is the kind of madness what comes of the PC Age;

    only the javelin thrower and shot putter on this list have anything like the body mass, athleticism, quickness and most importantly, UPPER BODY STRENGTH, to have even a hope of surviving impacts either inflicted or generated in the NFL–which have been measured repeatedly by scientists to be the equivalent of head-on car crashes;

    ANYONE who even wistfully wishes otherwise, is ludicrous as a Tea Party Obstructionist in Congress;

  • AlexLW

    Next up? Top Ten NFL players who can give birth.

    • Derek Rodrigues

      I’m sure Sanchez and Romo will be on the list.

  • Glen Henderson

    Well, I should thank this Sullivan fella. They say it’s beneficial for your health to have a good laugh every day.

  • Are you Kidding

    These women are excellent at their respective sports. That being said, they would all last exactly 1 play in the NFL. That is, if they make it out of practice. Put these women together and most JV football teams would destroy them.

  • Thor

    You gotta be kidding me these ladies would break like glass the first time they got hit by a 300lb tackle. Sullivan you should write for Action Comics you seem to be better suited for that genre.

  • Jay Sinclair

    Ronda Rousey as a linebacker? are you fucking kidding me? she’s 5’6″ and 150 lbs. LMFAO. Get the fuck outta here

    • Mardorang

      I don’t know what her walking around weight is, but she fights at 135, the UFC bantamweight. Women’s bantamweight to be exact. Even at the same weight they are smart enough not to let her compete with men.

      • Jay Sinclair

        She walks at around 145-150, and she lives in Venice, Ca. my hometown. That’s all I will say on the internet.

  • JJ truth

    Serena williams a linebacker really? Way too small Can’t see her lining up with the likes of Clay Matthews. Shawn Johnson LOL! Most of these women aren’t going to make the Nfl tryouts. But that Olympic shot putter and the Mangold chick could do some damage. They might be good additions to the Washington and Philadelphia O-lines.Michaela Vick’s O-line = air while RGIII’s O-line = Swiss cheese. Washington & Philly should give these ladies a call asap. Sure this would be a big improvement from the hot garbage that’s been in place for the last 5 years.

    • Mardorang

      Shawn Johnson weighs 90lbs. WTF is she going to do on the most important of downs?

  • Mardorang

    Not enough speed. Not enough strength. Not enough size. This is fact.

    Even for a kicker you need enough mass to transfer momentum into a ball for a long punt or field goal. There are some women who might be able to do this at kicker, but they will not be the best at it.

  • Preybrother

    Maybe so but I could name you 200 NFL players who would love to play with this 20!

  • Don Nehlen

    This might be in the top ten dumbest things I’ve ever seen written, anywhere. A woman would last one play in the NFL. Hell, a whole lot of very athletic men would get crushed in the NFL. Casey, whoever you are, please get another line of work.

  • Mike Smollon

    Coors Silver Bullets. I rest my case.

  • jim c


  • Muhummad

    The only position these broads could play would be cheerleader.

  • ron ban

    Even the strongest female players cannot compete at pro male level, LOL twas recently revealed that an elderly over the hill Bobby Riggs was PAID to throw the tennis game vs a Billy Jean King in her prime.
    But never underestimate the power of shrill toxic irrational femi Nazis/ I could easily see the NFL sued for discrimination for not meeting female quotas.
    Perhaps we can simply prohibit all males from playing pro sports and demand that only females be allowed to play? After all, we do have to have EQUALITY at any cost..

  • Colin Sick

    yaaa riiiiight

  • BucsFan

    This is either tongue-in-cheek, or this Ben Sullivan guy is the biggest idiot on the planet. I don’t know whether to blame our terrible education system for churning out morons like this, or the PC bullshit that has become mainstream in our society for convincing him that ‘women and men are really the same.’

  • Blank Generation

    Is this a serious article?

  • James Siegel

    maybe a woman could make it as a kicker or punter, but that’s even stretching it. If she has to make a tackle her career would be over.

  • centerhill

    2 words for this entire article…Horse Hockey

  • Steven DeLira

    mr. sullivan is either truly insane or studying to be a comedian… I am not the least bit sexist, but … cmon, man !!!

  • William Brennan

    This has nothing to do with sexism, and everything to do with common sense. Women just aren’t built to play football with men. One half-speed hit from a a 6’5″ 270-lb defensive end, and the strongest female athlete would be taking a trip to the ICU or the morgue. None of us wants that, right?

  • paulinpittsburgh

    Indeed, if this guy believes a word of this he’s watched so much Buffy the Vampire Slayer that he’s had a complete psychological break with reality.

    It’s a tossup of which is the most ridiculous of the assertions, that Skylar Diggins could be a running back or Valarie Adams could be a linebacker.

    Really now, this Politically Correct she can do anything he can do nonsense has gotten way out of hand.

  • Professor_Bedlam

    I would love to see a woman make an NFL team and then in their first game just get destroyed so it could end this talk about a woman playing in the NFL!!! So women go for it!!! I really need a good laugh!!!

  • juskishi

    this is a great article if all you’re looking for is ridiculous fiction to take you away from the grind at work and have a good laugh.

  • dave.

    Is this some kind of sick joke? I can’t bare to picture even for a few seconds the ugliness and twisted image of a woman being laid out by some man who is much bigger, faster, stronger and tougher than she could ever be. This article was obviously written with the sole purpose of garnering reactions out of people.

  • Mike Montesino

    dafuq did I just read

  • yannaro

    Absolutely absurd…….

  • Nathan Burk

    Not a chance…not even close…on any of these. I would love to see a woman in the NFL or NBA if she was good enough to earn the spot. I would also love to see Danica Patrick in the chase for the cup and Tim Tebow a starting quarterback.

  • Van Chandler

    To be fair, he never said how long they could play for. Any of these women could play in the NFL for about a full second after the snap.

  • borisf

    I only know two women athletes that could tryout for NFL and one of them on the list(Rousey)

  • marxwj

    Half these women are Basketball players. How many male basketball players could play football? Not many I can think of. Maybe these women could play in the NBA, but not the NFL. Boxers and weight lifters generally don’t make great football players either.

  • marxwj

    A couple of them may be okay as wide receivers or maybe a quarterback, but the training is completely different from what they are doing. A couple of the weight lifters may be okay on the line, but they are still smaller than the guys they would be playing against and they would likely be too slow to keep up with some of the more complex plays they use today.

  • Bobby Petrino

    Seriously??? lol

  • hkinsey3

    The only woman who ever lived that could play on an NFL team was Joan of Arc and only if they let her keep her sword.

  • Maynard

    Finch has what it takes, until she get sacked by a 350lb defensive lineman.

  • Maynard

    No fair with the Williams sisters. They ARE men.

  • CoolHairLuke

    They could make us samwitches at haltime. That’s about it.
    Oh…the fast ones could use that speed to get me a beer, too.

  • nahor88

    This is absolutely stupid, you need to be able to TAKE HITS to play football.
    90% of these women would shatter if a 260lb defensive back laid a full on hit on them.
    This writer needs a CAT scan…

  • Steve Dave

    Let’s just picture Jennie Finch taking a full-speed impact from JJ Watt or Ndamukong Suh and not dying. Seems about as improbable as Serena Williams dealing such a blow. This whole article should be renamed “20 female athletes and which position they would play on a football team made entirely of other women”.

  • Faith Smith

    as a phoenix resident of 50+ years, not caring much about the wnba, I would have taken elle del donne (female larry bird) over griner. griner is the female equivalent of sam bowie or more recently greg oden she needs to play below the rim to last. take a hit as a wide receiver…..snap (posted by husband)

  • Crimbus Miracle

    No. None of these people could make an NFL roster.

  • Tommy_Fitz

    This is with out a doubt the most ridiculous format I have ever taken the time to comment on. “Enough Said”!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deno Lorenzo

    No matter how big they are, no matter how muscular, no matter how quick, no matter how strong, and no matter how fast they may be : NONE OF THESE FEMALES COULD MAKE IT IN THE NFL – NONE! And if you or anyone else believes they could, you need to make an appointment to take a drug test because normal logical thinking has escaped you!

  • Dumb Article

    1. Alex Morgan is probably a great slot receiver.

    2.. Every top AAU team in the U.S. above the age of 15 has a center that would dump on Grimer at her own sport.

    3. Ben is just some hipster joke trying to get laid.

  • sdtex

    Stupidest article I ever wasted my time on…………except for maybe Mangold (LOL). I was waiting for that female soccer player to be listed that has such a strong leg that she could kick 60 yard field goals, and be serious about it. Instead I read about a soccer player who can knock down balls. C’MON MAN!!!

  • Truth928


    No drug tests in Tennis …. so what

  • Harrison Brown

    Britney Griner would not “be a force” at WR in the NFL. She would also not be a No. 1 WR as stated… This is so unbelievably stupid. Saying they could make a team is one thing, but talking about all of them like they would dominate is so off base.

  • mb

    Um, no sorry. Hope Solo? She’d get f*cking killed! Literally. What does she weight, 150 max?

  • fuzzball

    Misty May Treanor could “lock down” NFL receivers because they are too busy “looking” down her blouse!

  • Echo Star

    I’d be happy to give the writer 10 to 1 odds that none of them could make the NFL as a back up.

  • gradyphilpott

    Welcome to the internet, where there are no limits to the space that must be filled.

    It’s all about clicks and the dumber the headline, the more click. Put a few hot chicks in the article and the clicks just multiply.

  • JojoXray

    Utter and total stupidity. But I guess that was the point. When the PCs started talking about Serena Williams having a big battle of the sexes match with Andy Murray, she realized it was a joke, and admitted that she would lose 6-0, 6-0 without any doubt.

  • Metric-Buttload

    most naive, delusional, idiotic thing I have seen.

  • Shukovsky

    Terrible article. The writer has no clue that Venus Williams is sick and rarely even plays tennis anymore. She has Sjogren’s syndrome – a condition in which the body’s immune system attacks its own healthy tissues.

  • Cutter38

    This is easily the stupidest article I’ve ever seen. I’m not even going to talk about why, because this is too preposterous for words. Waste of time.

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    The only thing worse than this article is this terrible fucking website.

  • Umpire_Sam

    Really ? They are all better than Vince Young or Tim Tebow ?

  • Robert Hall

    I have to agree with you guys they don’t have the body mass. The two weight lifters do not have the upper body strength to compete. While they might be fast if nobody touched them it is a contact sport. I bet more people have died on a football field than in a boxing ring, interesting statistic to research for someone. It would be far too dangerous to allow or to find watching enjoyable.

  • Spooney

    Uhhh. The article should be titled something like 25 female athletes that would be interesting to watch if they played football. I feel like this article is affirming sexism by taking such an extreme stance. And it is extreme because the author is suggesting the 160 lb women would be okay taking hits from 200lb+ men.

  • captmike

    Not a chance

  • IronMountain

    What a joke,, the best women are inferior in strength and speed to high school boys.
    I remember when the women’s NCAA basketball champs played an average boys high school team and got killed something like 120 to 12.

  • ahrcshaw

    This has to be a joke ?

  • John Franklin

    Let’s see, Rhonda Rhousey, at 5″7″ and 135 pounds as an NFL linebacker… Ben must be nuts. I don’t need to know what her 40 yard dash time is, but I would bet that it is not anywhere close to 4.5 seconds. Same problem with every one of them. These girls are good athletes, but without testosterone floating throughout their bloodstream, they will never be the athletes that NFL players are.

  • Pdogger223

    Size, strength and speed matter in the NFL. Something this joke of an article appears to ignore.

  • Mac

    Guess they achieved their purpose, got me to stay on the site and go thru all 26…..but what a farce. Maybe after NFL play offs it was a slow news day…..

  • holoh

    Well…only the women who are actually genetically dudes.

  • Wilt

    Since my favorite team is the Lions, I think all 25 could make the roster.

  • DS

    yes, some of these ladies have one(or two) physical attributes to play in the NFL but at that level you MUST have all of them to play at that level or else your going to the hospital , heck most men can not play at that level, i could not and made it to the college level

  • coolguy75

    only one on this list that i could even partly believe was maybe possible if i was mentally disabled is valerie adams. but no not as a linebacker, only as a north-south type of fullback. her legs look like fucking tree trunks and i bet if you put her in a hb dive or draw she’d push through some guys. notice i say guys

  • Chuck Hill

    How does this idiot have a job. There is so much evidence to argue but I figure it is all way over his metro sexual brain. Now that any ***hole can be a writer the level of real sports conversation is taking a nose dive.

  • martinishot

    Next article: 25 special olympics athletes who will make your favorite NFL team roster.

  • Mike

    Can we please stop the Politically Correct….she can do anything crap. These are all great female athletes, but that has NOTHING to do with playing in the NFL. Being a great athlete is not enough….there are many great athletes who never made it into the NFL.

    Sorry for a reality check here but…and this is going to kill the “women can do anything crowd”. Women aren’t designed to play in the NFL, nor should they be. Don’t you just love how some in society try to twist thousands of years of evolution…

  • Scott

    Jesus Christ…….c’mon….I know there is limitless space on the internet, but that doesn’t mean that there should be any space dedicated to something this stupid. All you need to do is to watch some of these impacts. Anyone who appreciates the violence in the NFL wouldn’t minimized it by writing something so asininely stupid as this.

  • Johnny

    The Baltimore Ravens should try to get Holley Mangold. If she was on the line nobody on that side of the line would ever touch Flacco.

  • Steven wilson

    no, no they couldn’t

  • John H. Holliday

    Not a freaken chance in the world for any of them.

  • todd

    Ben Sullivan has smoked himself retarded.

  • Boogie man

    Given the lack of shoulders’s size and bone density compared to males’s, they would get injured on the first tackle. If they played in a mixed gender team, sexual harassment accusations would flood the NFL. It would be impossible to avoid touching their breasts and crotches in tackles unless the NFL becomes touch football or make the rules different for females which is not impossible since, as we know, feminist reporters allow themselves in male locker rooms but not vice versa (what is “equal rights”? Why don’t all reporters wait outside until players are done with their privacy). This article is gone too far.

  • joethefumer

    All these girls couldn’t last a single down.

  • Don Dunbar

    No woman can play Pro Football. Not many could handle High School Football.

  • Don Dunbar

    We do have Women’s Football. Over 75 teams in the USA/Canada. It’s a great game played in the Spring.

  • jeff cole

    It would be interesting if they were playing center on the ball exchange. The situation occurred to a friend that was coaching a 9-11 year old league and the girl,was mad that she could not play center. All Bruce could say she all ready has to wear a bra and thank goodness her parents understand it is not a good situation. But some others want him replaced as the coach since he will not let her at least try. Can you see Erin Andrews at center and the QB always calls the snap number a 9. Rub a dub dub

  • Loren Elifrits

    Ok.. so that’s the next leftist social engineering push. Here it comes. That Nasty NFL is just so sexist it won’t let the girls in…

    I wonder if these people know there are such things as women’s pro football leagues…

  • newbienick

    Thats rediculous! These girls would get F’n smashed! I’m not saying theyre not great atheletes but when it comes to the combination of strength, speed, agility, size they would absolutely be demolished. It’s rare to see a female even play in a high school football game and not be a kicker let alone the NFL. This is quite rediculous. You cant compare any female in the world to Ray Lewis, Cam Chancellor, Adrian Peterson. Then you have the size, can you imagine these girls being smashed by 350 D-lineman who run a 4.8-4.9 40yd dash? GET REAL!

  • newbienick

    When I was a freshman I was on the B team in basketball. We had to scrimmage the girls varsity team who was top 2 in the league and we were at the largest school in Wa state. We beat them like 97-25 and they wouldnt play us again. THE B TEAM!! The difference was not basketball skill. The difference was quickness, jumping, strength, quickness. That would be the case in any sport that requires these abilities.

  • newbienick

    Ben Sullivan you are an IDIOT! You should quit writing articles all together and start a new career in creating fantasy stories. Cant believe this even got past any editors.

  • newbienick

    Not only could they not play, they couldnt make the practice squads back up crew. They would choos the water boy first.

  • Erik Baran

    HAHAHA!!! Thanks for the laugh of the day. smh They would be destroyed.

  • King Booba Jooba

    I now have seen & heard it all

  • skip

    You’re an idiot not one of those could make most HS teams

  • blob blobby

    None. If they could make it, they would. Do you think these women even sniff at how much NFL players make? No way, if they could they would for the money.


    I think we are supposed to play along with the theme that Women can do everything a man can do and also they are, of course, better at everything that women do. I think they call that sexism. I would like to see one of those women who think like that go put on an NFL or even College football uniform. Kicking and punting doesn’t count, sorry. Women should just stick to being women and stop trying to do everything a man does, it’s foolish. Men and Women are not the same, if you need proof, I can send you some links.

  • philkizer

    Lolo hasn’t excelled at any sport. She’s only proved that looks will get you more opportunities than skills will.

  • NEMike2

    To Ben Sullivan: You’re out of your farking mind. Do you actually get paid for writing this garbage?

  • aineliamfionanora4 .

    just because some of them look like boys doesn’t mean they can even come close to playing with the boys. The best female tennis player cannot even compete with a top 100 mens player

  • DXW

    Is this a joke?

  • James Hannah

    130 pound runningbacks, maybe for a middle school

  • Shawn McShane

    LOL…Lolo Jones is on this list–? 11th place at the olympics must be “excelling” to someone….especially when she earned her olympic spot through Twitter and not skill

  • Steve

    ben is completely out of his mind and obviously hasnt played a single down of high school or college ball.

  • Whitney Comeau

    Notice how its only guys commenting on this lol.

    You are all incredibly sexiest and i am absolutely disgusted by how disrespectful these comments are. I don’t understand where all you fat asses sitting on your couches get this ridiculous attitude of superiority.

    That being said, this article is pretty dumb. Its this kind of crap that makes people feel like they can criticize feminism. This is what creates the image that women are crazy, unreasonable, and power hungry. (and of course it was written by a man). Although these women are incredible athletes, football is a sport that requires size, and biologically women are smaller. Women generally just don’t have the size. If a woman did have the size (like some of the weight lifters) its not naturally supposed to be there, they are fat and it makes them slow. If they have the strength and speed, they don’t have the weight; getting hit by something twice your weight (or more) would just be asking for injury. There’s a reason they’re playing the sports they are playing, and not football.

    Men and women are biologically different. Its like comparing apples and oranges, each have different physical traits and are good for different things. You wouldn’t use oranges in an apple pie, that would be pretty disgusting. Which one is generally superior pretty much depends on opinion.

    These women are incredible athletes who could could probably destroy the average guy, and they deserve respect for their achievements. Just because men have larger bodies, dons’t mean they possess any superior skill. Football is more about size than skill. why do you think no one has started female football? Because it is boring, half your team has to be fat if you want to be good, and the only a few people need skill (the rest depends on how hard you can hit); its not challenging enough for most girls. I have far more respect for a basketball player than a football player, because it requires a lot more technique and overall athleticism. Just because you all feel intimidated doesn’t mean you have to act like dicks. Yes, you all have really big penis’s, we get it. These women are not out to steal your masculinity, they just enjoy their sports.

    • Mike InTexas

      Sexist? All I read was reality.

      It’s obvious you know absolutely nothing about football. You want sexist? Go make me a sandwich and STFU.

  • steve Fowler

    This is so stupid I shouldn’t even comment but I’ll just atke one…Hope Solo at Free Safety…Okay starting free safety’s in the NFL are about 205-215 lbs and run about a 4.55 40 and hit like a ton of bricks….nuff said….please, she couldn’t even make a good H.S. team for a starting free safety spot.

  • FLYnW

    Ben, would you say it would be as easy for these women to get a pro job as it was for you to get a writing job with this outfit ?

  • Dan Sveaver

    After being carted off the field on a stretcher after 1 or 2 plays, each one could say that she was on the roster.

  • Scad

    You have to be kidding me….

  • Sam Wright

    This list is ridiculous… The very worst players in the NFL would destroy each of these women…it wouldn’t even be fair…I know it sounds mean but there is reality…and then there are internet lists

  • MK

    there isnt a single woman listed here he wouldn’t literally die, as in cease living, if they took a single open field hit from an NFL d-back

  • Shane Aka-red

    There isn’t one woman who could play in the NFL. I’m not taking away athletic ability from females it’s genetic make-up. They wouldn’t be able to maintain the punishment. Their bodies are built different and at a starting position like RB, WR, LB, QB etc etc they would last maybe 2 games

  • Shane Aka-red

    Oh yeah, those woman have amazing physical skills against other women. Put any of those athletes against the best of their male counterparts and I bet they look amateur

  • Wes Mantooth

    Ben Sullivan…have you ever watched an NFL game? If any one of these women took a hit from even the smallest cornerback, they would be bloody, broken and unconscious.

  • joe

    I would have a better chance at 41 years old than these women, of making an NFL roster, and I would not have made it at 21.

  • hopewell

    That’s five minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

  • Malaprop

    I doubt they’d want to work for $90 a game and a calendar in the gift store. None of these are cheerleader type.

  • Charles Lawrence Lash

    they put captions saying how they can contribute to the team like its actually going to happen

  • Kc Heller

    BS…. the writer must be getting paid by the word……..sure is an idiot

  • Here2day

    Look, that transsexual Rena Richards was the #10 in the over thirty amateur male tennis, and after he has his “tallie-wacker” cut off; he’s in the top ten of women’s PROFESSIONAL TENNIS. . . . . . enough said.

  • Erik Baran

    4’9″ running backs, 5’3″ wide receivers and 5’8″ defensive linemen…..too funny.

  • Christopher Dobrose

    Hope Solo is 5’9″ and 150#. If she tried to tackle me I’d bowl her over, and I’ve never played football. Skylar Diggins is only 146#, Diana Taurasi only 153#; they couldnt play running back for our high school team. Veronica Campbell-Brown is only 5’3″. Natalie Coughlin only weighs 139#; she could not play defensive end on our junior high team.

    I’ll stop there. This is one of the stupidest stories ever written.

  • Robert Sissons

    Not one woman would last or could compete at the NFL level. There really is a difference physically and emotionally between men and women.

  • BlackSuave

    The only way any of these women could play in the NFL would be if they were all kickers. That’s their best, and only chance, to make the NFL.

  • Seth Aldridge

    Probably the dumbest thing ever put together. Even a joke of a site like Rant Sports should be ashamed of this list. You might as well have put together a list of superheroes or cartoon characters who could play in the NFL. Pure fantasy.

  • John Jensen

    This is a joke, right?

  • Jeff P

    this writer has to just be trolling us right now. i refuse to believe this was written with any serious motives. im in disbelief

  • Jeff P

    serena williams, pass rushing outside line backer. 155 lbs…you wont see playing time as a LB in high school if you weight 155 lbs. im sorry, i know i shouldn’t keep reading this article, but it’s such a trainwreck, i can’t take my eyes off of it. maybe this was genius writing, knowing that something so terribly impossible would generate alot more views. touche mr writer.

  • Brian

    ahahahahahahaahaa … only if my favorite team was a high school team

  • Stephen Hawkland

    Actually, none of them could even play on a decent high school team.