Madden 25 Demo: Who's Better, Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III

By Mathew Muncy
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Madden 25 demo dropped last week for the Xbox 360 and PS3, followed by Electronic Arts releasing the full ratings for every offensive player in the game. After pouring over the spreadsheet compiled by Operation Sports, I can confidently, and sadly as an Indianapolis Colts‘ fan, say that Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III beats out Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck as the better Madden quarterback.

My opinion is completely based off the ratings released by EA and the main abilities of these two quarterbacks; passing and running. It’s not often you get to compare two quarterbacks who play unique styles, but are pretty even skill set wise. Luck is more known for his passing, but has his sneaky ability to scramble for 20 yards with ease, while Griffin III has always been known for his blistering speed, but also his ability to accurately hit a receiver deep.

The first thing that almost every Madden player looks at is the overall rating. Griffin III beats out Luck (89-88) in this category which is a very realistic representation of just how close these two quarterbacks are in real life. Griffin III then edges Luck out in every category related to rushing, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. While both quarterbacks can release from the pocket and scamper down field, Griffin III does so with a 92 speed rating while Luck lags behind at 82.

Griffin III also wins out in agility (95-85), carrying (74-55), trucking (41-35), elusiveness (74-40), ball carrier vision (95-75), stiff arm (50-24), spin move (92-66) and juke (82-72); all in dominate fashion. Basically if you want to play the read option all day, then by all means play with Griffin III.

So that means Luck wins the passing categories right? Well, not exactly. Griffin III owns in throwing power (95-92), throwing accuracy (87-86), medium throwing accuracy (87-84), deep throwing accuracy (85-84) and of course throwing on the run (92-88). That leaves Luck with short throwing accuracy (89-88) and play-action (78-76). Not exactly what I expected to see when I opened the ratings spreadsheet.

But those ratings are meaningless if your quarterback is chilling on the sidelines with an injury, which is where Luck outshines Griffin III (98-84). So in the length of a season, you could expect to see Griffin III sidelined more often than Luck.

Oh, and if you decide to run the wide receiver bootleg pass and you want the your quarterback-turned-wide receiver to make a spectacular catch, then I would suggest throwing it to Luck who brings an 83 spectacular catch rating compared to Griffin III’s 65. There’s your random Madden rating of the day.

While Griffin III dominates Luck in almost every category that really matters to a quarterback in Madden, it’s really going to come down to who is controlling them. The user has to be able to find the sweet spot between throwing too much with Luck or running to often with Griffin III. Griffin III wins this round, but lets see how they stack up, rating wise, at the end of the season.

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