Pam Oliver Gets Nailed in Face With Football on Sidelines

By Andrew Fisher
Pam Oliver
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve all been that guy or girl, right? The one that gets smoked in the face with a foreign object when you’re not looking? Yeah, it sucks to be that person. NFL sideline reporter Pam Oliver had the unfortunate privilege of being that girl on Sunday night.

Watch as quarterback Chandler Harnish‘s throw goes just a wee bit off track and connects squarely with Oliver’s face:

This is one of those videos that just hurts to watch. It’s not even really that funny, simply because you know how bad it had to hurt. We’re not talking about some soft object, we’re talking about a football thrown by an NFL quarterback. That thing had some zip on it and was very unforgiving when it smashed into the lovely Pam Oliver.

If you’ve never heard of Chandler Harnish, perhaps this is why. What a crappy throw. He should take a lap for being so off the mark…

For my entertainment dollar, I’ll take a good shot to the groin video any day of the week, over someone getting hit in the head. The guys from Jackass always got great footage of both injuries, but the ol’ kick to groin is hard to beat for a good laugh. However, there is a scene from Jackass 3-D where Preston Lacy takes a field goal kick off the face and it just looked awful. Oliver’s shot wasn’t quite as bad, but even the guys from Jackass would tip their caps to her on this one.


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