Top 10 Michael Jordan Plays

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The 10 Best Plays of MJ's Legendary Career


Michael Jordan is the greatest player in the history of basketball. I'm willing to bet that a majority of sports fans would agree with that statement.

Words can't describe how great he really was out there on the court, you just have to watch to understand. But even watching highlights doesn't really do him justice because they're out of context. But regardless of that, it's still easy to see there will never be another Michael Jordan.

For those like myself that had the privilege of watching him play during his prime in the 1990's, we know that great MJ plays happened all the time. You could have a 'Top 1,000 MJ Plays' list and be entertained from start to finish. The guy was truly a never-ending highlight.

Luckily through the power of technology, YouTube, and nerds that upload old footage, we have basically all the essential Jordan plays at our fingertips whenever we want to relive them. For you younger readers that didn't get to watch him back in the day - do yourself a favor and watch hours of old game footage.

The plays on this list are definitely the cream of the crop, but I also wanted to add some variety. Technically, you could argue that 10 of MJ's game winning shots are his best plays ever. The guy hit 25 in his NBA career, so you could easily pick ten and say that those are the best. That's a different slideshow for a different day...

Here's a well-rounded countdown of Michael Jordan's best plays:

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Throwdown on Greg Ostertag


Jordan takes several members of the Jazz to school and Isiah Thomas reacts like he's sitting on the bench with his teammates.

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Dunk Over Alonzo Mourning


Zo was one of the best shot blockers in NBA history, but not on this play...

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Free Throw Rebound Dunk


Easily deserving of a spot in MJ's top plays.

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Posterizing Mutombo (with backstory)


This whole video is just classic.

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'A Spectacular Move'


Marv Albert tells you all you need to know.

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The Game Winner That Started It All


Jordan didn't hesitate for a second to take the biggest shot of his career (at that point).

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Baseline Dunk on Patrick Ewing


This footage will haunt Patrick Ewing for the rest of his life.

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Game Winner - 1997 NBA Finals Game 1


Just another night at the office for the game's greatest player.

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The Shot on Ehlo


The shot that took Jordan's career to the next level.

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Final Shot With the Chicago Bulls, End of an Era


If only this was the last shot he ever took...