Madden 25 Demo: Who's better, Ray Rice or LeSean McCoy

By Mathew Muncy
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Madden 25 drops next Tuesday, Aug. 27, and a couple of us at Rant Sports decided to break down some key position battles across the NFL. We’ve already touched upon Colin KapernickRussell Wilson, Andrew LuckRobert Griffin III, Matt RyanTony Romo and Dez BryantJulio Jones.

For my final break down, I’m going to tell you why LeSean McCoy will be better in Madden 25 than Ray Rice.

It’s really hard to say whether Rice or McCoy will be the better back in Madden 25 as their styles are completely different. Rice is more of a power back while McCoy is more elusive. Because of this, the true measure of whose better relies on the user controlling them and if they are able to use their abilities correctly. My opinion was based solely on the ratings released by EA and almost 20 years of playing Madden.

Like I stated in my Luck-Griffin III post, the first rating most Madden players gravitate towards is the overall rating. This rating encompasses the other 47 ratings to give you an overall view of how good the player is, with a rating of 99 being the best.

According to the ratings released by EA, Rice barely squeaks by McCoy 94-93. But Madden has never been super friendly to power backs. Trying to stiff arm or truck a defender is typically more difficult than simply out-running them or juking past two of them at the same time.

This played heavily in my belief that McCoy will be the better back in Madden. Both backs show a speed rating of 91, so neither is going to be blistering down the field without making some kind of move to defeat a defender first. With Rice being a power back, he easily wins in strength (83-65), toughness (97-85), trucking (79-64) and stiff arm (85-70). McCoy rakes in rating victories pertaining to his elusive running style: agility (98-94), elusiveness (98-84), spin move (95-94) and juke move (98-86).

Rice and McCoy are pretty similar in the carrying (95-93 Rice) and ball carrier vision (97-96 McCoy) ratings, so both will not fumble often and be able to slip through the holes in the line better than most.

The last piece of the puzzle involves their pass catching abilities. McCoy has this section wrapped up handily according to his Madden 25 ratings. While Rice beats McCoy in catching (82-80), McCoy is the better receiving back in spectacular catch (70-62), catch in traffic (75-70), routing running (82-74) and release (75-60).

Rice may drop one fewer pass than McCoy, but McCoy is going to hit his routes better and faster.

McCoy will also be fun to use in Madden 25 because the Philadelphia Eagles will likely use some read options and pistol plays thanks to head coach Chip Kelly. Rice is part of a more pro-style offense with the Baltimore Ravens, so the unique plays won’t be found in their playbook.

Either way, I cannot wait to get my copy of Madden 25 and try out running with both players.

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