Maria Sharapova Wants to Change Her Name to 'Maria Sugarpova' For U.S. Open

By Dan Parzych


Maria Sharapova
(Pat Lovell/USA Today Sports)

It’s no secret that professional athletes love to go back and fourth with their name changes—just look at Metta World Peace and Chad Johnson over the years. Apparently, tennis star Maria Sharapova wants to take a similar route as World Peace and Johnson–only with a different approach.

With the U.S. Open right around the corner, Sharapova is hoping to temporarily switch her name to Maria Sugarpova as a way to help promote her line of gummy candies. The popular Sugarpova launched back in 2012 and the tennis star has even asked the Florida Supreme Court to allow the name switch to last from the beginning of the U.S. Open to shortly after it comes to an end.

From a business perspective, this is certainly a smart idea as the Sugarpova brand would become even more popular considering how popular of a topic it would be–especially since we’re already talking about it before the switch has officially taken place. Plus, with all due respect to Maria, Sugarpova is certainly more entertaining of a name than Sharapova–so let’s hope the Florida Supreme Court allows this to happen.

Of course, if this does end up happening, it will be interesting to see how the broadcasters and fans of the U.S. Open handle the transition for the name change. After all of these years of calling her Sharapova, it certainly won’t be easy to remember to call her Sugarpova instead.

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