Jason Heyward Hit in Face By 90-MPH Fastball

By Andrew Fisher
Jason Heyward
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Hit batsmen have been in the news quite a bit this week. Ryan Dempster of course pegged Alex Rodriguez on Sunday to earn himself a five-game suspension from MLB. Opinions varied on the incident, with some backing Dempster for hitting the lying third baseman, while others criticized the heck out of him for crossing the line and endangering a player. But what happened to Jason Heyward on Wednesday, is without question one of the worst things in the game of baseball.

Watch as Heyward takes a fastball square in the face:

It’s clear that this was one that just got away from pitcher Jonathon Niese – but the end result was still a 90-mph fastball that connected with Heyward’s jaw. The Atlanta Braves‘ outfielder stayed down for about three minutes, while it was clear that Niese was very concerned with his last pitch. Eventually Heyward was helped off the field and taken back to the locker room for evaluation. He was then transported to a local hospital to undergo further testing.

The Braves will now hold their breath as his status for the rest of the season is determined. You’d have to think there’s a strong chance Heyward has a fractured jaw and that could be considered getting off easy. Baseballs that connect with faces can end careers and change lives forever.

Here’s hoping that Jason Heyward escaped serious injury and that he’ll be back on the baseball diamond before too long.


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