Mike Tyson Finally Plays Self-Titled Video Game; What Took So Long?

By Devin O'Barr

If you needed any more proof that Mike Tyson surrounded himself with the wrong people during his glory days, well look no further, because on Wednesday “Iron Mike” revealed his vulnerable side once again. Tyson was famous in the late 1980s and mid 1990s, which means his face was plastered all over backpacks, lunchboxes and posters across the world.

In fact, Tyson’s fame grew to the point where a video game titled “Mike Tyson Punchout!!” debuted in 1987. As far as Iron Mike was concerned, that game didn’t even exist as the champion boxer was a mere 21 years old when the game was first issued and played it for the first time at 47 years old. Considering the game was issued during the prime of Tyson’s career, I guess he was too busy to even pick up a Nintendo Entertainment System and enjoy himself.

It’s well documented that Tyson had some less-than-stellar “father figures” in his life and I have no doubt that this video game idea was once hatched by one of Tyson’s cohorts and was designed just to make a quick buck. To be honest, it’s sad to see this Tyson in public nowadays as he portrays himself as a kid trapped in an adults body solely because his childhood was ruined by those who took advantage of him.

Tyson may go down as the best boxer of all time, but he was never able to enjoy his stardom like the many after him have and it shows.

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