Obnoxious Parents Make 2013 Little League World Series Painful to Watch

By Devin O'Barr
Little League World Series parents
Howard Smith – USA TODAY sports

I dread the Little League World Series every single year.

However, it’s not the innocent kids who I have a problem with; instead, the obnoxious parents/fans in the stands are the ones who deserve to be banned from professional sports games forever. Children should be taught at a young age to act with class, yet the only thing that the Little World Series’ crowd promotes is immaturity.

Whenever a team hits a walk-off home run or makes a dazzling play in the field, it’s understandable for the crowd to go wild, but the fact that these parents scream and yell as soon as a strike thrown is disgusting. Honestly — this isn’t a college football game…it’s a bunch of 12-year-olds playing baseball!

On a side note; why aren’t the “proud” Mamas and Papas at work? Is screaming and yelling at your kid more important than paying the bills?

Baseball is a sport that deserves some peace and quiet. For instance, you don’t see the kids getting all bent out of joint on the field do you? Well, that’s because they are the ones who are actually playing and there isn’t any time for the children competing to chant during the 4th inning of a 0-0 tie.

Sports are far more compelling when the players on the field are making the headlines. Besides, who wants to hear an annoying fan drown out the broadcasters and overall sounds of the game? Personally, I’d love to make every single obnoxious parent in the crowd wear a muzzle for the entirety of the game and force them to actually watch the game.

Let the kids play, loudmouths.

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