Seattle Seahawks: Testimony To A Dedicated Fan, Featuring Bussell Wilson

By Todd Pheifer
Photo Courtesy of Tankrgod –

Every NFL team has dedicated fans, and the Seattle Seahawks are no different. How dedicated? Fans buy jerseys, wear funny hats, scream until they are hoarse, get tattoos, name their children after their favorite stars and agonize for days when their favorite franchise loses a big game.

For the Seahawks, there is a new symbol that demonstrates the dedication of a loyal fan. Meet one of the coolest vehicles in the Seattle area. Meet “Bussell Wilson.”

This epic ride showed up on Reddit, but it also has a Facebook page. Of course it does. I wouldn’t be surprised if a weekly talk show is in the works. Is this a practical vehicle? Does it get good gas mileage? Does it have airbags? Is it a pleasure to drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic?

Such silly questions. The pictures speak for themselves.

One commenter on Reddit wrote, “As a Rams fan I’m obligated to hate your awesome bus.” Right? This comment just goes to show that you can both hate and respect the behavior of your most bitter rival.

Perhaps Bussell will become the lead boat for the Seahawks Tailgate Command Center. Maybe Bussell will inspire a whole fleet of buses, cars, float-planes, station wagons and RVs. The possibilities are endless. One has to assume that fans will be lining up to to take pictures with Bussell at the pregame tailgate.

If I were the starting quarterback for the Seahawks, I might do some digging and get the phone number for “Tankrgod,” who will apparently the pilot for this legendary vehicle. If Russell Wilson has a breakdown on the way to the stadium, I’m betting that Bussell Wilson will pick him up. Just sayin’.

And you thought you were dedicated because you painted your face.

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