Steve Mason Brings Zombie Apocalypse To Philadelphia Flyers

By Deanna Vasso
Steve Mason Brings Zombie Apocolypse to Flyers
Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Steve Mason plans to turn heads next season, and not just because of his talents in the net.

Last week, the netminder announced plans to commission a new goalie mask. Mason’s mask will depict Philadelphia icons as zombies. It will show the zombie apocalypse in Philadelphia during the time of the declaration of independence. How cool is that?

If you’ve seen the designs for his new mask, they do look pretty cool. Goalie masks are always a unique thing about the sport of hockey, and is one of the things that sets it apart. Mason’s concept of putting Benjamin Franklin and Betsy Ross on his mask as zombies is pretty cool, especially since it incorporates Philadelphia history.

It may be bad to say, but some Flyers fans will probably want to see Mason get some more ice time just because of it. However, he does appear posed to take the starting goaltending position next season. The problem with that is still the fact that he hasn’t played quite enough games to earn that spot.

With Ray Emery‘s experience playing with the Flyers in the past, the team might seem more likely to play him first. Emery did so well with the Chicago Blackhawks last season that he seems like a lock — that is unless he does not stay healthy.

If Mason wants to turn heads not only because of his new mask, he’ll do it in the net and earn himself the starting goaltending spot.

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