Colorado State Freshman Wins Free Tuition By Drilling Half-Court Shot

By Connor Muldowney
Colorado State
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Walking onto campus for the first time as a freshman can be a bit daunting, especially if you know no one and are away at a large university. Well, I’m sure that’s exactly what 19-year-old freshman Andrew Schneeweis felt before he turned into an instant campus star at Colorado State.

The young freshman walked onto the court during a pep rally knowing he had to do one thing to make the rest of his college career a more than worthwhile experience. Andrew had to sink a half-court shot in front of thousands of his peers in order to win free tuition. He had three chances at the prize, each shot coming from the same distance, and he delivered big time, drilling his first shot.

Check out the video here:

As unbelievable as it seems, the kid is new to campus and probably had no idea his first week of school would be this memorable. How many kids can say they stepped onto campus, unpacked their dorm room and walked into the basketball arena and drilled a shot to win free tuition? Probably not many.

This kid is an instant campus legend and I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone tried becoming his best friend after this. Plus, not having to pay tuition has to be the dream of every broke college kid in the country. Luckily for Andrew, and his parents, he no longer has to worry about money for the rest of his college career.

He had a ton of pressure on his shoulders to make the shot — and he did.

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