Houston Texans Fan Takes Dedication to Whole New Level With Porta Potty

By Connor Muldowney
Houston Texans
via bustedcoverage.com

Every NFL team has its dedicated fans. From face painting to jersey wearing to shirtless celebrating, football fans can be some of the most unpredictable and indescribable group of people of any sport. This Houston Texans fan may have topped all of them off planting a Porta Potty on the back  of a pickup truck in the Texans’ parking lot.

You would never think to bring your own bathroom station to a football game, but that’s what these fans are for — remembering exactly what you forgot to pack for the game.

Why wait in line at the obviously busy Porta Potties in the distance, or even walk so far to get to them — a whole 30 yards — when you can set one up in the back of your truck and go as you please with no effort involved. Well, except for the annoying climb in and out of the truck bed which could be a hassle. Oh wait, there’s a step stool next to the truck bed for those who have a hard time with the climbing part.

Who needs to miss any of the tailgating action when you can walk five feet, do your business and get back to drinking and partying like animals? Either way, this shows that some fans think of everything at football games and people from Texas like to ‘go big or go home’.

This is yet another instance of why society needs a wake up call. You know something’s wrong when people are bringing their own bathrooms to games.

But hey, you can never be too safe, right?

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