Jeremy Lin Movie Trailer Looks Cool, But Is It Too Soon For Linsanity Movie?

By Connor Muldowney
Jeremy Lin
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We all know what Linsanity is, and if you don’t then you were probably living under a rock for the better part of a year — or two. Two seasons ago, Jeremy Lin burst onto the scene in the NBA as the point guard filling in for some injured players on the New York Knicks. No one knew how his presence would affect the team, but it ended up affecting the entire league.

Linsanity took over everyone’s every thought and consumed social media along with newspapers and magazines. Lin could be one of the most well-known basketball players in the league for his couple months of stardom in 2011-2012 and if you know anything about the NBA, you know the name and the movement that rocked the world.

Well, the third-year player has his own movie. Yes, I said he has his own movie. Whether it’s too soon or not, here’s the trailer to his movie “Linsanity” that is set to come out in October.

The trailer has a pretty cool feel to it and could end up being a pretty solid movie, but I just think it’s too soon to call Lin a legend and give him his own movie. Sure, he provided the NBA with one of the biggest sensations in recent memory, but to give the guy enough credit to garner a movie is just ridiculous.

Either way you look at it, Lin is a pretty cool guy to follow through his life and is sure to be the inspiration to many young basketball players.

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