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Looking at the 50 Hottest Celebrity NFL Fans

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50 Hottest Celebrity NFL Fans


The 2013 NFL season is right around the corner and in honor of what should be another glorious serious--we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the hottest celebrity NFL fans in the game today.

As bad as it sounds, some celebrities tend to hop on the bandwagon (yeah--we're talking about you LeBron James!) when it comes to rooting for the most popular fans, but let's not forget the handful of celebrities dedicating themselves to the teams they've always cheered for. From Kate Upton rooting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Erin Andrews cheering on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, the NFL has always had a strong female celebrity fan base and it's awesome to hear about these lovely ladies rooting for their favorite teams each Sunday.

After the Baltimore Ravens made a historic run at the Super Bowl--which hottie Stacy Keibler was pumped up about--last year, nobody knows what to expect for the 2013 season, but one thing is certain--anything is possible as there are plenty of teams that seem capable of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy once February rolls around. Will Jessie James be celebrating a Denver Broncos Super Bowl win with husband Eric Decker? Better yet, will Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady have a reason to celebrate unlike last February?

Only time will tell, but for now--enjoy this list of the 50 hottest celebrity female NFL fans in the game today. And if your favorite celebrity isn't on the list, be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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Carrie Underwood: Dallas Cowboys

(Carrie Underwood Instagram)

Not only did Carrie Underwood grow up in Oklahoma, but she dated Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo back in the day.

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Kate Upton: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

(Kate Upton Twitter)

Kate Upton has taken the sports world by storm over the last couple of years and apparently is a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Jennifer Garner: San Francisco 49ers


The lovely actress Jennifer Garner has always been a die-hard fan of the San Francisco 49ers--let's hope Colin Kaepernick and company come through for her in 2013.

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Tara Reid: Philadelphia Eagles

(Tara Reid Twitter)

After a disappointing 4-12 finish in 2012, Tara Reid hopes the Philadelphia Eagles will bounce back next season.

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Jenna Fischer: Dallas Cowboys

(Jenna Fischer Twitter)

Here's the lovely Jenna Fischer from The Office rocking her Dallas Cowboys jersey on game day.

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Jessie James: Denver Broncos

(Jessie James Instagram)

Just because Jessie James is so beautiful--a bonus picture for all of you Denver Broncos fans.

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Erin Andrews: Green Bay Packers

(Scot Rovak/USA Today Sports)

Thanks to her dad, Erin Andrews has always been a big fan of the Green Bay Packers.

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Maria Kanellis: Chicago Bears

(Maria Kanellis Facebook)

The former WWE star Maria Kanellis is a big fan of sports teams from the Windy City--especially the Chicago Bears.

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Samantha Ponder: Minnesota Vikings

(Kevin Jairaj/USA Today Sports)

Not only is Samantha Ponder one of the most beautiful sportscasters in the game, but her husband, Christian Ponder, plays quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.

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January Jones: Pittsburgh Steelers


Actress January Jones is a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Jessica Biel: Green Bay Packers

(Jessica Biel Twitter)

The lovely Jessica Biel is a fan of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

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Jamie Lynn Sigler: New York Jets

(Jamie Lynn Sigler Facebook)

The former star of The Sopranos Jamie Lynn Sigler is a fan of the New York Jets.

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Kristin Cavallari: Chicago Bears

(Kristin Cavallari Instagram)

When considering the fact her husband Jay Cutler is the starting quarterback, one would hope Kristin Cavallari would be a Chicago Bears fan.

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Kendra Wilkinson: San Diego Chargers

(Kendra Wilkinson Facebook)

Kendra Wilkinson may be married to Hank Baskett, but she's always been a die-hard fan of the San Diego Chargers.

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Mila Kunis: Chicago Bears

(Mila Kunis Facebook)

The popular actress Mila Kunis is a fan of the Chicago Bears.

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Marisa Miller: San Francisco 49ers

(Marisa Miller Twitter)

The beautiful SI model Marisa Miller is a die-hard San Francisco fan--especially when it comes to the San Francisco 49ers.

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Hayden Panettiere: San Francisco 49ers

(Hayden Panettiere Twitter)

Even though she's been linked to dating members of the New York Jets in the past, Hayden Panettiere was all about the San Francisco 49ers in this year's Super Bowl--even though they lost.

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Stacy Keibler: Baltimore Ravens

(Stacy Keibler Instagram)

As a former cheerleader for the team, Stacy Keibler was happy to see the Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl this year.

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Brittany Snow: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

(Brittany Snow Twitter)

Yes, Brittany Snow is a Tampa Bay Buccaneers and she certainly enjoyed hanging out with Oakland Raiders fans when her beloved team won the Super Bowl in 2002.

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Jessica Alba: Oakland Raiders

(Jessica Alba Facebook)

She's one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood--and Jessica Alba happens to be an Oakland Raiders fan.

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Jessie James: Denver Broncos

(Jessie James Facebook)

Eric Decker of the Denver Broncos may be one of the luckiest players in the NFL for being married to country singer Jessie James.

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Lauren Tannehill: Miami Dolphins

(Lauren Tannehill Instagram)

It didn't take long for Lauren Tannehill to become a fan of the Miami Dolphins when her husband Ryan Tannehill was drafted by them in 2012.

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Ashlynne Brooke: Green Bay Packers

(Ashlynne Brooke Twitter)

The former adult film star Ashlynne Brooke is a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers.

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Carmen Electra: Cincinnati Bengals

(Carmen Electra Facebook)

Carmen Electra went to high school in Cincinnati and after two-straight playoff appearances--there's a good chance she'll have plenty to root for when it comes to the Cincinnati Bengals this season.

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Brooklyn Decker: Carolina Panthers

(Brooklyn Decker Instagram)

She's a model. She's an actress. And she roots for the Carolina Panthers. Ladies and gentlemen, the lovely Brooklyn Decker.

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Maria Bello: Philadelphia Eagles

(Maria Bello Twitter)

Wonder who Maria Bello would prefer to play quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles--Michael Vick, Nick Foles, or Matt Barkley?

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Demi Lovato: Dallas Cowboys

(Demi Lovato Facebook)

Demi Lovato was raised in Dallas and her mom was even a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys.

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Kelly Clarkson: Dallas Cowboys

(Kelly Clarkson Instagram)

It's only fitting that Kelly Clarkson is a Dallas Cowboys fan considering she wrote a theme song for the team last year.

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Brooke Hogan: Dallas Cowboys

(Brooke Hogan Instagram)

Brooke Hogan got engaged to Phil Costa this summer--so she hopes to be a Dallas Cowboys fan for quite some time.

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Alyssa Milano: New York Giants

(Alyssa Milano Facebook)

Alyssa Milano has always been known for being one of the biggest female celebrity sports fans it's safe to say she's happy the New York Giants and Victor Cruz were able to agree on a long-term contract this offseason.

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Jordin Sparks: New York Giants

(Jordin Sparks Instagram)

Since her dad played on the New York Giants in the 1990's, it's no surprise to see Jordin Sparks is a fan.

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Mya: Washington Redskins

(Mya Instagram)

Mya has been a fan of the Washington Redskins ever since she was a little kid.

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Leeann Tweeden: Washington Redskins

(Leann Tweeden Facebook)

Turns out, Leeann Tweeden is a die-hard fan of the Washington Redskins--which means she had plenty to cheer about last season.

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Sandra Bullock: Washington Redskins

(Sandra Bullock Facebook)

Sandra Bullock grew up as a Washington Redskins fan in Arlington, Virginia.

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Danica Patrick: Chicago Bears

(Brian Spurlock/USA Today Sports)

Danica Patrick isn't the only one who hopes the Chicago Bears can reach the playoffs in 2013 after falling just short last year.

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Heather Mitts

(Eric Hartline/USA Today Sports)

One team needs to help Heather Mitts out and sign quarterback A.J. Feeley as quickly as possible.

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Elizabeth Banks: New England Patriots

(Elizabeth Banks Twitter)

The popular actress Elizabeth Banks has always been a fan of the New England Patriots.

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Gisele Bundchen: New England Patriots

(Gisele Bundchen Twitter)

Tom Brady gets to go home to Gisele Bundchen every night. So it's settled--Brady is one of the luckiest players in the NFL.

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Maria Menounos: New England Patriots

(Maria Menounos Instagram)

Here's a fun fact--Maria Menounos had to rock New York Giants gear on a segment of Extra when the New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl in 2012.

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Lilian Garcia

(Lilian Garcia Facebook)

Popular WWE star Lilian Garcia is a New York Jets--which means she could be in for an interesting season in 2013.

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Jenn Sterger: New York Jets

(Jenn Sterger Facebook)

Let's be honest--how many football fans started paying more attention to the New York Jets just because of Jenn Sterger?

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AJ Cook: New York Jets

(AJ Cook Twitter)

The popular actress AJ Cook happens to be a fan of the New York Jets.

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Summer Sanders: Buffalo Bills

(Summer Sanders Facebook)

Not many people realize this, but Summer Sanders became a Buffalo Bills fan thanks to her husband.

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Serena Williams: Miami Dolphins

(John E. Sokolowski/USA Today Sports)

Not only is Serena Williams one of the top professional athletes out there, but she's a fan of the Miami Dolphins as well.

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Kerry Washington: San Francisco 49ers

(Kerry Washington Instagram)

Scandal star Kerry Washington recently got married to Nnamdi Asomugha of the San Francisco 49ers--so we all know which team she's rooting for on Sundays.

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Faith Hill: Tennessee Titans

(Faith Hill Facebook)

Everybody knew Faith Hill was a football fan since she used to be the introduction on Sunday Night Football, but the Tennessee Titans are her main team.

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Holly Madison: Indianapolis Colts

(Holly Madison Facebook)

Holly Madison was a fan of the Indianapolis Colts to support her friend Kendra Wilkinson when her husband, Hank Baskett, played for them.

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Hilary Duff: Houston Texans

(Hilary Duff Instagram)

Hilary Duff was born in Houston and loves the Houston Texans.

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Candice Crawford: Dallas Cowboys


Say what you want about Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo on the field, but off the field--he's always a winner by being married to Candice Crawford.

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Fergie: Miami Dolphins

(Fergie Facebook)

When considering the fact that Fergie is a minority owner of the team, one would hope she would be a fan of the Miami Dolphins.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Indianapolis Colts

(Elisabeth Hasselbeck Twitter)

She may have been forced to switch favorite teams over the years, but Elisabeth Hasselbeck will certainly be rooting for the Indianapolis Colts in 2013 thanks to her brother-in-law backing up Andrew Luck.