Miami Heat Players Taken Advantage Of in Serious Real Estate Scam

By Connor Muldowney
Miami Heat
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat have had a lot to smile about lately, winning two straight NBA titles and acting as the home of quite possibly the best ‘Big Three’ in league history — some may argue Chris Bosh doesn’t really count anymore. However, a recent real estate scam involving one former Heat player and one current has cheated the two guys out of big money.

Mike Miller and Rashard Lewis are part of a big-time scandal that has costed them and multiple other South Florida residents out of $8 million. What happened exactly?

Allegedly, Haider Zafar took money from the two Heat players promising investment returns that he never followed through with, basically stealing their money and disappearing. This isn’t the first time Zafar has been in trouble with the law. In fact, he was indicted on 135 counts of fraud and money-laundering in June in the Washington, D.C., area.

Back to the Miami Heat case. Apparently, Zafar used “questionable documents” to con these people out of their money to solicit funds for a questionable Pakistani real-estate market.

There has been no set amount stated in how much Zafar took from the Heat stars, but it is clear that it was a multi-million dollar scam. It’s a good thing for these guys and the rest of the South Florida area that this guy was caught because it seemed like he was just beginning. He was trying to pull the ultimate scam and lucky for everyone in the case, he was caught. Unfortunately, he wasn’t stopped earlier on.

Grim news for some NBA champs.

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