FC Barcelona Themed Island In Awesome Qatar Airways Advertisement (VIDEO)

By Stowe Gregory
Barca island
Image via YouTube – qatarairways

FC Barcelona have released a video with their sponsor Qatar Airways that, although is used to promote both parties, is also a unique piece of trivial entertainment.

The video features an idea called ‘The land of FC Barcelona.” It’s basically a fictional island where everything revolves around the club and the way of life is devoted purely to the football team that the inhabitants love.

The CGI created visuals in the advertisement display the island in the shape of the FC Barcelona club crest, with even the mountain range shaped to fit in with the traditional design.

It’s a simple bit of fun really, but to anyone who really loves soccer, then such a place is fun to even imagine. Once the Qatar airways flight lands in the “Land of FC Barcelona”, defender Gerard Pique checks Neymar‘s passport – which is of course meant to indicate he is a new inhabitant, as of course he recently signed for the club.

As the advert continues you can see the wild ideas of this football crazed land, with the fields replaced by soccer pitches and goal posts. There are a few suitable and sneaky inclusions too.

Adreas Inesita is seen painting on a wall but by smashing a football at it – a hint towards his creative style of play.

However, the best moments are really the inclusion of former Barcelona and England goal scorer, Gary Lineker as a taxi driver and also Carlos Puyol portraying his nutty self as he heads away a flying plant pot to defend his fellow islanders.

Check it out:


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