NJ Governor Chris Christie Gets Blasted By New York Daily News for Football Comments

By Andrew Fisher
Chris Christie

Most football fans have an opinion on the Mark SanchezNew York Jets situation. Many people are beside themselves because of the fact that Rex Ryan had the Sanchize in a preseason game during the fourth quarter and that he ultimately got hurt. Several members of the New York media ridiculed Ryan for his decision, including Manish Mehta (New York Daily News). This apparently didn’t sit well with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who had this to say on a radio show Tuesday:

“Idiot. The guy’s a complete idiot. Self-consumed, underpaid, reporter…the only way he’s empowered is because we’re spending all this time talking about Manish Mehta this morning… who, by the way, I couldn’t pick out of a lineup and no Jets fan gives a damn about Manish Mehta. We shouldn’t be giving this dope, you know, the amount of airtime we’ve given him already.”

The Daily News has now come to the defense of their employee with this cover:

via @ScyShirley

It’s not everyday you see a major publication using terms like ‘fatso’ on the cover, and especially not when talking about a Governor. The Daily News doesn’t look good by using a term like that, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not hilarious. They’re merely defending one of their employees, but there’s no doubt they could have chosen a better way to do it. But all in all, who really cares? The Jets are going to stink this year no matter who their quarterback is…


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