USA Hockey: 2014 Winter Olympics Jerseys Revealed, Look Sharper Than Usual

By Devin O'Barr

The 2014 Winter Olympics buzz has already started and NHL fans are excited about the USA Hockey team’s outlook this year. With the Sochi, Russia games getting closer and closer, fans are gearing up on sportswear that they can and will dawn during the Olympics.

Considering how fun the 2010 Winter Olympics were, the expectations are that every single bar in America will be packed with hockey fans chanting “U-S-A!”

While the stars on the upper third of the jersey appear to be fine from far away, this close-up picture of Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane reveals just how annoying those little specs are going to be for some.

@seangentille — Twitter account

Uniforms are all about sleekness nowadays, so I’m not surprised that the USA decided on these red, white and blue masterpieces. At least these jerseys give us something to talk about — the best NHL uniforms are those that required some deep thinking and weren’t just thrown together in one day…I’m looking at you Los Angeles Kings!

I don’t really see the fuss with the stars. It’s the United States of America for crying out loud! Not having stars and stripes on the jerseys is like not bringing any apple pie over to Russia. Besides, are we really going to notice the stars when the gold medals are covering the hockey players’ chests anyway? I don’t think so.

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