Joe Flacco Posters in Denver May Have Been a Bad Idea

By Connor Muldowney
Joe Flacco
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We all know what Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens did to the Denver Broncos in the playoffs last season when it looked like the game was over and the Ravens Super Bowl run would be ended early. Flacco threw a long touchdown pass, giving the Ravens a late lead and ending up being the difference in a close postseason game.

I can assure you that Flacco is likely to be banned from the city of Denver for all the heartbreak he caused and the turmoil that ended up being the city after the famous touchdown pass. It’s a new year and a new hatred for the Super Bowl-winning quarterback has arisen in the Mile High City. Posters are being put up around town, advertising the start of the 2013 NFL season with pictures of Broncos players and none other than Joe Flacco.

Take a look at one of those posters that was posted in the city streets:

Imagine if your favorite team lost to another team in a meaningful game on a heartbreaking play and to start the next season, your city posted pictures of the opposition around town, basically advertising for the opposing player and team. Yeah, that’s exactly how Broncos fans feel right now with these posters and they are not happy.

I don’t blame them, though. That’s like an Ohio State Buckeyes poster hanging up in Ann Arbor for all Michigan Wolverines to gander at and relish in the hatred together. I’m not sure if these were posted to stir up some extra hatred for the Ravens, which is a weird way to approach it, or if it’s just a poor move.

I’m going to go with the latter.

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