Johnny Savings Car Commercial Mocking Johnny Manziel is Hilarious

By Connor Muldowney
Johnny Manziel
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re not a huge fan of Johnny Manziel, then this is the story for you. A car dealership in Oklahoma, Fowler Toyota, has come out with a pretty hilarious commercial that mocks the Heisman-winning quarterback from Texas A&M. Not sure if the video was made because Texas A&M and the Oklahoma Sooners used to be conference foes when the Aggies were in the Big 12 two seasons ago.

Check out the awesomely ridiculous video here:

Usually car commercials are boring and awkward with the dealers trying to be far more funny that they actually are. This guy knows how to grab everyone’s attention by pretending to sign autographs in his hotel room, mocking the whole Manziel case. Oh, and he goes by the name ‘Johnny Savings’, mocking the ‘Johnny Football’ nickname that Manziel is famous for.

I could watch this video over and over and never get tired of it. I am one of the biggest critics of Manziel — I still think he’s a great player who makes poor decisions that unfortunately make it to the media.

Manziel is the most popular college athlete today, but not necessarily for the right reasons. He’s been accused of signing autographs for money, drinking underage, getting in fights at bars, dancing with girls that aren’t his girlfriend, jousting with dangerous objects in the locker room and attending frat parties at rival schools.

If I’m a fan of Texas A&M and Manziel, I want this kid to grow up and stop acting like an immature teenager. Sure, he can have all the fun he wants because he is a college kid, but doing things that will knowingly get him into some sort of trouble isn’t helping his image.

Pretty funny video, though.

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