Soccer Fan Purchases TV Rights For His Country's World Cup Qualifier

By Stowe Gregory
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

An irritated Irish Soccer fan took his dedication to the next level by purchasing the TV rights to his nation’s World Cup qualifier.

David Feeney, a Republic of Ireland fan living abroad in Australia, was so irritated that his home country’s World Cup qualifier against Sweden was not being shown on TV that he decided to get his hands on the live footage himself to allow other fans the opportunity to view the game too.

Commitment indeed, but how exactly did he work this all out? He got in contact with Kentaro from Germany, the owners of the match’s broadcasting rights, and after a few conversations, he managed to strike a deal that would allow him to share the live pictures via the internet.

It’s likely your instincts are telling you that Feeney is a multi-millionaire so he was able to strike a deal at ease. But he in fact managed to complete the deal for only a couple of thousand pounds, which is a small amount for such a feat, relatively speaking.

Feeney told the METRO:

“I made an opening bid and they said it was too low, but I went back with another offer and they said okay. My wife was the hardest to convince about the idea, but I’ve promised that if I make any money from the streaming of the match, she can keep it.”

The match is set to be broadcast on a local horse racing channel on September 8, for those Irish fans living in Australia in a similar position as Feeney.

We all salute you, Feeney — that is serious dedication to your nation’s team.

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