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Vernon Davis’ Chucky Doll Is Creepy and Hilarious at the Same Time

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Vernon Davis' Chucky Doll is Pretty Funny

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Vernon Davis is one of the NFL's best tight ends and has been such for a few years now. He was once a favorite target of former-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith and then took a bit of a statistical step back when the dynamic Colin Kaepernick took over the starting job. It's been known that Davis has an interesting personality and he has been showcasing that recently.

What has Davis been doing that is making people laugh? He's been toting around a Chucky doll and taking pictures with it in the locker room. His pictures have been pretty funny and his teammates have to wonder if their star tight end has lost it a bit.

He has been taking photos in what looks like a 'Chucky series' where he accompanies the tight end wherever he goes. I have no problem with this at all because it shows off Davis' sense of humors, and the fact that he's keeping a serious demeanor in all of the photos is ever funnier.

Once the regular season starts, he may have to put the doll aside and start scoring touchdowns or people will begin to think the doll put a curse on him. Either way, fans and players alike are extremely excited for the upcoming season.

This is one of the funnier things to take place this offseason and its awesome to see players personal sides and know that they are just like everyone else. Although I wouldn't necessarily carry around a Chucky doll with me wherever I go -- but that's what makes him unique.

Check out these awesome locker room photos of Davis and his doll.

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Sleepy Time

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Teammates might need to start sleeping with one eye open.

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Visiting the Trainer

vis Vernon Davis' Instagram

Chucky needs good stretch.

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Time for Lunch

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A nice little lunch date.

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Hanging out in the Locker

vis Vernon Davis' Instagram

Chucky, get out of there.

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Creepy Ice Bath

vis Vernon Davis' Instagram

Chucky needs an ice bath, too. Watch out.