Anderson Silva has no respect for Floyd Mayweather

By Gil Alcaraz IV

Add Anderson Silva to the list of people who don’t like Floyd Mayweather, one of the best boxers to ever enter the ring.

The former UFC middleweight champion recently joined Sway’s Universe, and was asked on air about his thoughts on Mayweather and his legacy as a boxer. While it took some poking and prodding to eventually get Silva to give a concrete response, the result was simple: there’s no respect.

“Who? Who? Boxing is a great sport. My dad fight boxing for long time in Brazil. I like the story. Boxing have traditional story and people in United States love boxing. I watch Roy Jones, Oscar de la Hoya, Vinny Pazienza, The big man, the great man in boxing in my opinion is Muhammad Ali is the great boxer. He give the chance to change the world inside the ring and outside. Boxers have the great story. I respect for boxing. Floyd Mayweather? I don’t know this guy. Is he Papa Smurf? Mayweather is good boxing. This is my opinion. The guy no respect me. I respect all the guys in the world. Mayweather is a part of the story in the world. I’m part of the sport in the world. Mayweather need to respect this, but this guy no respect nothing. Sorry, but I no respect Mayweather.”

After initially avoiding every mention of Mayweather with playful ignorance, Silva made it clear that he has no respect for the undefeated boxer. It’s not surprising, though, considering that only a week earlier Mayweather admitted to not knowing who “The Spider” was. Respect must be earned, right?

Silva obviously has his own claim to fame after defending his title a UFC-record 10 times before recently falling to Chris Weidman during UFC 162. With a rematch set for this December, Silva is ready to reclaim his place atop the middleweight class

Mayweather has always struck a sour chord with his fellow fighters due to his pompous attitude and immeasurable arrogance. It’s no surprise that he’s landed on someone else’s crap list.

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