College Football is Back With a Pretty Strange Injury at Grand Valley State

By Connor Muldowney
via @gvsulakers

You know it’s college football season when you start hearing about odd, freak injuries that you would never think to be possible. Well, I have one for you and it comes from Allendale, Mich., between two teammates. Yes, two teammates were involved in a freak accident and one got injured.

Apparently, Grand Valley State defensive lineman Isiah Dunning is expected to miss at least four to six weeks after suffering a dislocated shoulder after being hit by his teammates’ pickup truck.

Dunning, a junior, was walking to the cafeteria with some friends to get an early-morning breakfast. While he was with his group, he accidentally stepped into the road by accident and, at the same time, teammate Zach Jolly was trying to avoid a car in the road. Jolly veered a little bit toward the curb, struck his teammate and Dunning tried to soften his fall by putting his arm out, yet ended up dislocating his shoulder.

So a redshirt freshman teammate struck a junior teammate and sent him to the emergency room with dislocated shoulder.

The weirdest part about the whole injury? Jolly was driving at a mere five miles per hour when he ‘struck’ Dunning. The fact that the kid fell so badly that he needed to break his fall with his arm is a bit odd.

Not sure if this kid was aiming for the starting spot by injuring the guy ahead of him on the depth chart or whether he was jealous that he wasn’t invited to breakfast with the guys or whether it was just a freak accident. All jokes aside, we all hope Dunning recovers quickly.

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