Notre Dame Fails Its Fans With Wrongly Spelled Souvenir Cup

By Connor Muldowney
Notre Dame
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame is one of the most prestigious academic school in all of America, but after you see what the school had printed on its souvenir mugs at the latest football game on Saturday, you might think otherwise.

The Fighting Irish took down the Temple Owls on Saturday to the tune of a 28-6 shellacking, but it was what happened in the stands that has a few fans upset. When you go the concession stand and buy an overly priced souvenir cup with your favorite teams’ nickname and logo on it, you expect quality.

Too bad for some Notre Dame fans, they didn’t get anything but a typo and a hit to their wallet. Check out this ridiculous Fighting Irish souvenir cup that was misspelled, leaving some fans speechless and others frustrated — I will just laugh.

As you can see, the cup is spelled “Figthing Irish”, as opposed to “Fighting Irish”. Not sure what a “fig thing” is, but I can assure you it’s not a nickname of any school in the United States.

Sometimes people make mistakes and that’s perfectly fine, but sending out a typo to possibly a mass amount of expensive souvenir cups of your own school’s name has to be one of the harshest mistakes of all.

The Fighting Irish better be glad that they have a good football team, or they’d be stuck with loads of unpurchased and unwanted cups that they didn’t make any money off of.

Too bad for the fans that probably paid $10, though.

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