Rookie John Boyett Has Best Excuse Ever As to Why He Shouldn't Be Arrested

By Connor Muldowney
John Boyett
Jim Z. Rider-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, athletes get arrested for ridiculous reasons and sometime they feel like the arrest was unjustified because, well, they’re famous.

Indianapolis Colts‘ rookie and sixth-round pick, John Boyett was reportedly arrested early Monday morning on charges of disorderly conduct, public intoxication and resisting law enforcement. When police finally got ahold of the rookie safety from the Oregon Ducks, he told them one thing that should have set him free: “you can’t arrest me, I’m a Colts player.”

Yes, as if it wasn’t sad enough that he tried to resist arrest and was apparently very ‘abusive’, according to reports, he tried to pull the whole “I’m famous” card. Well, Boyett, we’ve got news for you — you’re far from a household name and no one outside of Indianapolis even knows you exist. Okay, maybe some people know who he is because he played for a pretty good team in college, but still.

Evading police is never a joke and this kid just showed that he may not be mature enough yet to succeed in the NFLPolice also said that Boyett had a poor attitude and reportedly made fun of an officer’s hair and nose. 

The rookie is on the non-football injury list with knee problems and he also injured his arm and elbow in this recent attempt to avoid the law.

For future reference, let it be known that Boyett set the precedent that no one should ever arrest a Colts player. The rookie sure has a good head on his shoulders.

Maybe next time that excuse will set him free.

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