DeAndre Jordan Hosts Second Annual Costume Party, Invites Famous Friends

By Connor Muldowney
DeAndre Jordan
via deandrejordan6 Instagram

DeAndre Jordan is know for his basketball skills and possibly even his monstrous dunk on former Detroit Pistons‘ point guard, Brandon Knight. If you haven’t seen the dunk yet, you need to check it out.

Anyways, back to the real story. Jordan hosted his second annual costume party at his home over the weekend and it looked like everyone had a pretty good time. What was even better about the event was that some of his fellow NBA friends came along for the party and good time.

Jordan posted a few photos to his Instagram account while Blake Griffin did the same. Jordan was dressed as superhero Captain Planet and it took quite some time to get his costume together, as he posted a progression picture of his make-up process.

Griffin went as Bane from “Dark Knight Rises”. Check out the picture of Griffin with what looks like a girlfriend of his.

via blakegriffin32 Instagram

As you can see, Jordan’s teammates and fellow NBA players look to be having a great time at an event that looks to be an annual occurrence. This could make up for all the time they missed in college by playing basketball professionally.

Here’s the group of players and friends in costumes prior to the party:

via deandrejordan6 Instagram

As you can see, the group is having a pretty good time. Two other notable players to join the party were Matt Barnes, dressed as Blank Man and his wife dressed as Spider Woman. Also, birthday boy and Oklahoma City Thunder player Ryan Gomes came as Captain America.

Well done, DeAndre.

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