Dennis Rodman Continues Bizarre Life With Another Trip To North Korea

By Andrew Fisher
Dennis Rodman
Image via @nycjim

Dennis Rodman is a bizarre individual, that’s been established for a long time now. But his latest obsession with North Korea has gone beyond the bizarreness of anything he ever did during his playing days. Rodman is again headed overseas to the communist nation, this time just for a little meeting with his buddy, Kim Jong Un.

“I’m going to North Korea to meet my friend, Kim. It’s a friendly gesture,” said Rodman at the airport before boarding his flight.

The former NBA great originally visited the communist nation back in February when he was shooting a movie and promoting the game of basketball. He met Kim Jong Un, who’s reportedly a big fan of the game. Rodman’s actions drew a lot of criticism, but the hall-of-famer shrugged it off, saying that meeting the dictator was a good for U.S./NK relations. Uh huh…

So who knows what this latest visit is really for? There were rumors a few months back that the U.S. government had contacted Rodman about becoming an informant, but I’m going to doubt that, based upon the fact that common folks like you and I heard about it. The odds of the greatest rebounder in NBA history being the one that finally smooths things out between the United States and North Korea are not good, but maybe a bizarre individual like Rodman is just what the doctor ordered. Nah…


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