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Hot Pictures of Cheerleaders From The First Week of College Football

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Hot Pictures of Cheerleaders From The First Week of College Football

Russell Isabella - USATODAY Sports

You can breathe easy everybody; football is back. The NFL will finally kick off Thursday night with the Denver Broncos trying to exact a little revenge over the Baltimore Ravens, and this past weekend was the first week of college football. To help you celebrate the return of college football, we’ve compiled the hottest pictures of cheerleaders from the first week of the season.

Let’s face it, college football isn’t all about rivalries and fight songs. Part of the appeal of college football and the college football experience is cheerleaders. When you go to a stadium on Saturday, we all take a quick look to see how close we’re seated to the cheerleaders. But with this slideshow, you have a front row seat for the hottest cheerleaders in action during the first week of the college football season.

From Thursday to Monday, there were five days of excitement with hard hits, great plays, close games, and shocking upsets. But there were also five days worth of cheerleaders, for which we are all grateful. Cheerleaders from all schools from coast to coast are represented, as well as schools from all conferences, no matter how highly they’re regarded. After all, the quality of a school’s football team doesn’t necessarily represent the quality of a school’s cheerleaders. Of course, there’s no denying that certain areas of the country tend to have better-looking cheerleaders than others.

Nevertheless, we've got you covered with pictures of the hottest cheerleaders from anywhere and everywhere from the first week of college football.

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Jeff Hanisch - USATODAY Sports

Wisconsin cheerleaders strike a pose.

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Texas Tech

Tim Heitman - USATODAY Sports

Texas Tech's cheerleaders helped cheer the team to a win on Friday night.

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Western Kentucky

Jim Brown - USATODAY Sports

Bobby Petrino's new girlfriend? You never know with that guy, but one thing we know for sure is that she's a Hilltopper cheerleader and a stunning beauty.

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Matthew Emmons - USATODAY Sports

A cutie from the Bayou leading cheers at Jerry's World.

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Thomas Campbell - USATODAY Sports

The Cougars had a lot to cheer about during their win Friday night.

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Houston 2

Thomas Campbell - USATODAY Sports

These gals must be tired after cheering Houston to 62 points.

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Rick Osentoski - USATODAY Sports

This cheerleader looks quite happy after the Wolverines won by 50 in The Big House.

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Kelley L. Cox - USATODAY Sports

Even this beautiful young lady wasn't enough to cheer Cal onto victory Saturday night.

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Kansas State

Scott Sewell - USATODAY Sports

This cheerleader looks happy and unbelievably pretty, but she wasn't so happy after the Wildcats lost to North Dakota State.

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Jeremy Brevard - USATODAY Sports

Just a couple of Georgia gals chilling with Uga.

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Beth Hall - USATODAY Sports

There could be a lot more reason to cheer in Arkansas this year than there was last season.

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Ron Chenoy - USATODAY Sports

The Buffaloes got cheered onto victory over in-state rival Colorado State.

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Thomas Campbell - USATODAY Sports

A lovely group of Southern cheerleaders. No one's accusing FCS cheerleaders of competing at a lower level.

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Scott Olmos - USATODAY Sports

The Oregon cheerleaders must have been exhausted after the Ducks ran up and down all day long against Nicholls State.

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Ole Miss

Don McPeak - USATODAY Sports

The season got started off on the right foot with a great game between Ole Miss and Vandy, and it was even better because the Ole Miss cheerleaders were there too.

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Bruce Thorson - USATODAY Sports

Cornhusker cheerleaders all lined up in a row.

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Colorado State

Ron Chenoy - USATODAY Sports

This Colorado State cheerleader looks good; too bad it was in a losing effort.

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Jerome Miron - USATODAY Sports

Not too many cheerleaders look better than this gal from Baylor, no doubt about it.

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Colorado 2

Ron Chenoy - USATODAY Sports

A whole herd of Buffalo cheerleaders.