Skip Bayless Apparently Knows Nothing About the Michigan-Notre Dame Rivalry

By Connor Muldowney
Skip Bayless
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re not a big fan of Skip Bayless, then I have the story for you. Bayless is known for his shock-factor reporting and his say-anything-and-don’t-care approach, but the statement he made about the Michigan Wolverines and Notre Dame Fighting Irish rivalry is just plain idiotic. The guy has been called out on his misinformation before and this, once again, is just poor analysis.

Bayless was on ESPN’s First Take this morning when they topic arose, asking if it was smart that Brian Kelly claimed that the game between the two storied programs was not a rivalry, in fact, just a regional rival. Well, Bayless though it was ludicrous that Kelly would say such a completely false thing like that.

His argument for Kelly’s false statement was even more false. Bayless claimed that he watched Notre Dame and Michigan play when he was just a little kid. First of all, Michigan and Notre Dame’s first possible game that Skip could watch was in 1978 when he was 26 years old. In fact, the series had taken a 35-year hiatus from 1943-1978.

He also stated:

This is not an historical… Are you kidding me? I mean, I grew up, I couldn’t wait for Michigan-Notre Dame, going back to Bubba Smith.

While him saying that he grew up watching the game was a lie, he also lied about the Bubba Smith name-drop. Yes, Bubba Smith was a great player from the state of Michigan. However, Smith played for Michigan State, not Michigan, in the 1960s, not the 1970s when Michigan and the Fighting Irish first met in Skip’s lifetime.

Bayless makes more false statements than we even thought possible. Maybe people need to start fact-checking him after every statement just to make sure he isn’t just making things up.

Just as ridiculous, Stephen A. Smith didn’t correct him in any way, he actually agreed. Yes, the one time Stephen A. Smith agrees with Skip, it’s on an incorrect statement.

Well done, ESPN.

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