Butler Bulldog, Who Recently Passed Away, Tweets From The Sky

By Connor Muldowney
Butler Bulldog
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Butler Bulldogs have had a very sad offseason. First they lost their young, successful and lovable head coach, Brad Stevens to the Boston Celtics and NBA. Next, they lose their beloved bulldog mascot that used to sit near the court during games. Players, coaches and fans alike all loved the dog and it was somewhat of a shock that the beloved fixture in the program was suddenly gone.

Well, on Tuesday night, the bulldog, with all of his health problems, passed away and the legacy of Blue II was left to live on.

What’s going on that is keeping this dog in the news? Well, he submitted a blog post describing his illness just prior to his passing and then he tweeted a few things yesterday following his death. The blog described the dog’s illness in detail and gave fans some encouraging words.

True to the prognosis I’ve recently been given, my health is now in serious decline. I sense the end is near as my heart rate is increasing in an effort to capture more precious oxygen. Frankly, it’s hard work and quite exhausting. I wish I felt better, but I’ve known for a while that my best days were behind me.

So while I still have a little stamina left, I thought I would pen one last blog post for Pops to post after I’m gone. I know it’s morbid and sad, but given my hospitalization and near death experience just a few weeks ago, I’m lucky to still be around to do this.

The following day, the dog passed away due to the illness he had been diagnosed with and it’s been a sad couple of days for fans of the famous dog.

Check out the tweet he sent from heaven. Literally. He died hours before this tweet.

Blue II acted as the mascot for nine years and gave the university everything he had. Tough news for Butler.

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